Enjoy Infinite Possibilities with a Lumon Balcony Enclosure

Why Balcony Glass?

Balcony glass allow us to enjoy the outdoors all year round, providing a whole new range of possibilities, though, regardless of the weather – or the time of year. A sunny breakfast enjoyed in the early spring, a calming cup of tea cuddled up in your favourite armchair watching the rain come down, a romantic candle-lit dinner on an autumn evening, a few kilometers on your exercise bike sheltered from the ice and winter winds... these are just a few of the infinite possibilities a space like this can offer.

We believe that balconies are a different kind of living space, and that this is a fundamental part of their appeal. We do not try to replicate the same conditions as the interior and simply turn it into an additional room.

Balcony glass will always have it's unique benefits for homeowners and characteristics of an outdoor living space with protection from the elements. Lumon can help you turn your balcony into a miniature green oasis, full of light and life, where you can recover some of those little pleasures that are so easily forgotten nowadays. Create a special area in your home that you can enjoy whenever you wish. Who actually said that we need to get out of our comfort zone? 

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Choose Lumon

At Lumon, we believe in energy savings, comfort and providing the experience and highest-quality products to enhance your home and living standards. Our balcony glass systems will help your condo become more energy efficient and will reduce both noise and pollutants coming into your home, all while giving you and your family a more usable space all year round!

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Over 35 years of experience

Lumon balcony glass systems are the product of years of research, product  development and testing. We have over 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing frameless retractable glass  balcony enclosures and solariums. Read more on the Lumon story.

Hundreds of thousands of installations around the world

Our balcony glass has been subject to rigorous lab tests, so we know it will stand up to even the harshest conditions.

Just as importantly, our balcony glass has been proven in hundreds of thousands of installations around the world—making us the most popular balcony glass system on the planet. 

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We'll work with you to get strata council and condo board approvals

We’ll work closely with you in communicating with your board and providing them with any documentation they may require. We’ve won the approval of thousands of strata councils and condo boards across Canada. Our team will work on your behalf to ensure that all the requirements needed to install our balcony glass system are met while you can rest assured that you and your needs are being met.

We listen to your needs and preferences

At Lumon, we strive to be close to our customers. All Lumon representatives are selected and trained to listen to our customers. They have the product knowledge and technical experience to make your dreams a reality. They’ll work with you to create a custom-made balcony system that fits your needs and budget. We ensure purchasing balcony glass is a simple and pain-free process. 

We manufacture our balcony glass in Canada

Balcony glass for our Canadian customers is manufactured locally in our world-class facility in Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto. Our system come with balcony glass warranty on installation andon all manufactured materials.

Our balcony glass is environmentally friendly

Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to Lumen. Our balcony glass materials (glass and aluminum) are fully recyclable, and we actively recycle any leftover production material. In addition to our use of recyclable materials, our tests demonstrate that balcony glass in Vancouver, Toronto, Mississauga, and elsewhere in Canada allow your home to become more energy efficient and can provide energy savings for consumers. At Lumon, we care about the environment.

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Our balcony glass is a high-quality product

Lumon balcony glass has CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) approval, which is an indicator of quality and compliance with Canadian building codes.

In addition, Lumon balcony glass has received the European Union’s CE marking, which is another sign of superior quality. Our balcony glazing system was also awarded European Technical Approval (ETA-06/0019). The Lumon glazing system is the first in Europe to get this approval and the CE Marking (Conformité Européenne).

CE Marking is given to building products that fulfill the EU’s health and safety requirements. Products with this marking can be exported freely without any need to test or alter them in any way (ETA requirements).


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