Bakermat new construction project in Eindhoven

Lumon Customer story: Bakermat new construction project in Eindhoven

Lumon is proud to have delivered glazings and railings for 82 balconies in the Bakermat new construction project in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Check out our video to hear from our reseller, one of the tenants, and the general contractor about their experience with the project.

Our reseller was particularly impressed with the quality and price of our products, while the general contractor appreciated the aesthetics and accurate deliveries. For the tenant, the noise reduction and year-round usability of Lumon Glazing made the biggest impact. The architect and building owner were also pleased with the glazed balconies as a concept and the quality of our products.

  • Building address: Bakermat new construction project in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • Building type: New construction
  • Lumon products: Lumon Glazing

We were very charmed by the Lumon concept and it was going to suit us financially too, but also aesthetically.

Mark Peters, General Contractor, Stam en de Koning BV

I notice that I use this balcony very often. Much more than my old balcony, in my previous apartment. I certainly think that’s because of the glazing I have.

Jelle van der Ham, resident of the building
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