Screens and Blinds

Balcony and terrace screens and blinds

Our blind brand Visor covers custom-made pleated curtains for balcony and terrace glazing or ceiling. With modern-looking Visor Blinds you can get sun protection and privacy for your balcony or terrace. Each blind is custom made for a single glass panel, allowing them to move together smoothly. Our sunroom shades can add style, as well make your room more functional providing you with all the necessary control whether you want to reduce lighting, protection from UV rays or some privacy.

Visor Blinds can be opened from the top or bottom and lock in any position. When fully retracted, the blinds are hardly visible, leaving unobstructed views.

Visor Blinds are available for purchase only in conjunction with the following Lumon products:

  • Balcony glass systems
  • Glass balcony railings
  • Terrace glass walls
  • Glass patio covers

Blinds for your balcony

Blinds for your balcony provide privacy and protect your balcony from direct sunlight, making your outdoor space more comfortable. They’re easy to adjust to allow in as much, or as little, light as you like.

In addition, the outer fabric of each blind has a thin metal film that helps to reflect sunlight, keeping your balcony cooler. 

Lumon Balcony blinds

Blinds for your terrace

Visor Blinds for your sunroom can protect you from direct sunlight and curious neighbours. As with our balcony blinds, our sunroom blinds are easy to adjust so that you’re always comfortable.

Lumon terrace blinds

Balcony railing blinds

Visor Blinds make a great addition to balcony railing systems. They provide privacy while also letting in natural light. Each blind can be adjusted from the top or bottom for maximum flexibility.

Lumon railing blinds