Hotels and Restaurants

Lumon products suit well in hotels and restaurants as well

Lumon’s frameless retractable glass extends not only your floor space but also your terrace season, maximizing your revenue. On windy, rainy, or cool days, keep the glass closed for a cozy and comfortable space with unobstructed views. Slide the glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful summer days. Lumon’s frameless retractable glass is stylish, secure, and easy to use.

Turn your restaurant’s patio from a simple outdoor space that you sometimes use during the summer months to the most profitable space in your restaurant, all year round. Our sliding glass walls can also be used inside your restaurant as striking and elegant room partitions. Keep the glass closed to create a private room for larger parties, or open the glass wall to use the space for regular seating.

Lumon terrace glass restaurant

Glass balconies and glass partitions for hotels

Renovate your balconies and building façade with Lumon’s frameless retractable glass balcony system.

Inside your hotel, Lumon’s frameless retractable glass walls make elegant and striking room partitions that help you maximize the use of your space. Keep the frameless glass closed to create private rooms, or open the sliding glass wall for a larger space. The retractable glass walls can be transparent or frosted to suit your needs.

Lumon hotel balcony

Glass partitions and glass walls for other public spaces

Lumon glass in hotel


Current space planning trends are turning away from closed offices and cubicles to embrace an open, collaborative use of space with brighter interiors.

Lumon’s frameless retractable glass walls provide flexible use of your office space and bright, natural light without diminishing privacy. Open up the walls to create a larger space in order to accommodate large groups, or keep them closed for private meetings.

Our sliding glass wall and integrating window blind system give you full openness or privacy, depending on your needs. The retractable glass walls can also be frosted to suit your needs.

Lumon glass in office