Lumon customers are using their glazed spaces more than expected for dining and entertaining  

Lumon’s recent customer study reveals a notable trend: nearly 25-29% of respondents are using their outdoor spaces more than expected with the addition of glazing. While the concept of balcony glazing has become familiar in especially Nordic countries, the survey shows that the benefit of balcony glazing is often not fully realized until it becomes a natural part of everyday life. The survey, conducted across five countries -Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Canada- highlights dining and entertaining as one of the top ways of using the outdoor space. However, the possible uses of the space extend far beyond.  

Main reason to choose Lumon is product quality  

When asking customers about the factors which most contributed to their buying decision, quality was paramount. One customer notes about using their space:  

Reading, bird watching, relaxing, watching the waves roll in and the view it offers. We find that the glass is of exceptional visual quality!

“One of Lumon’s principles for product development is quality, and we are consistently improving it. Our products go through vigorous testing,” notes B2C Marketing Operations Manager Aino Karjalainen. Lumon’s balcony glazing systems have been tested, for example, according to European Technical Assessment (ETA) in Europe and Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC) in Canada.    

Dining and entertaining – a popular use for glazed outdoor spaces

The survey results prove that glazing turns once unused spaces into inspiring and versatile additions to the home, creating more room for life. In all countries, over 40% of respondents are using their glazed space on a daily basis. The result affirms the profound impact on the architectural enhancement to everyday lifestyle dynamics.  

In all countries, over 40% of respondents are using their glazed space on daily basis

By seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor environments, the new-found possibility of outdoor spaces provides endless possibilities for leisure, relaxation, and social interaction. In Finland, 46% of respondents also said they were using their space as a cooling room after sauna.  

“We are glad to have received so many responses to the survey and to further confirm the versatile ways glazed spaces are being used on a daily basis. I believe this to be an evolving lifestyle trend, and I look forward to see where the future will take us,” Aino concludes. 

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