Celebrating 30 years of better homes in Spain

When Lumon first embarked on its mission to change the way outdoor living is experienced in a small town in Finland, it was hard to imagine that some decades later, a 30M euro modern production facility for balcony glazing would be constructed in the heart of Andalusia. The decision of this extensive investment followed years of rapid growth in the Spanish market for Lumon, now celebrating its 30-year anniversary.  

In 1993, a man by the name of Salvador Bermudez was introduced to Lumon’s product through his son-in-law. Soon after, he visited the Lumon office in Kouvola, and even with no shared language with Lumon’s CEO at the time, Tapani Kinnunen, the two managed to negotiate a deal to begin reseller sales operations in Spain. In 2001, Lumon Cristales Espana was officially established, and operations continued to be run through resellers up until the year 2013. 

“I started as the Country Manager here in Spain in 2014, before which I had been managing reseller operations for roughly six years,” notes now EVP of Spanish operations, Javier Martinez. “To paint the picture of our growth through the years, in 2014, we had turnover of around 9M, and a total of 60 employees. Last year, we ended with a turnover of 54M and close to 400 employees. We now have a total of 16 offices around Spain, with 20 sales teams.” 

“The results in Spain have been very visible, and I think our fast growth in the Spanish market signals that there is a demand for our product, and that our customers and employees truly believe in the potential of the market,” adds Group CEO Jussi Kinnunen. 

In Spain, Lumon is a synonym for balcony glazing

Lumon’s name is now recognized as a synonym for balcony glazing throughout the country. Lumon has worked closely with city officials, developers and architects to make balcony glazing a naturally considered component of new construction and restoration project solutions.  Jobseekers view Lumon as an attractive employer, and customers are re-conceptualizing the way they think about outdoor spaces. “At the beginning, people talked about how to enclose a balcony – now they think how they can utilize the balcony better, how they can create more room for life. Lumon is more than a company name here, it is a concept name,” Martinez notes.  

In addition, Lumon’s product stands out as a sustainable option. “Sustainability is a hot topic here in Spain and around the world, and we are glad to be able to offer a solution which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. When developing our product and working with our customers, sustainability is a major point of discussion and consideration. I am happy to support a product which I know will not only help to create better homes, but also a better life and a better world,” Martinez continues. “In the City of Pamplona we began glazing new construction developments six years ago, and now almost every new building is fully glazed. Lumon’s product deserves to be a part of all new developments, which is why it has been so great to see our brand become the product.” 

New construction project in Spain’s Pamplona, where Lumon glazings are a common sight. This project was completed in collaboration with Lumon’s Authorized Reseller, Proyectos Echarri.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in an Architects Seminar in Bilbao in Basque Country, where city officials had recently launched new regulations for balcony spaces. The regulations included a shift where the first 10m2 per balcony are now not included in floor space ratio calculations, and where every newly constructed apartment must have a balcony,” notes Kinnunen. “I think when the demand for our product increases as it has in Spain, city officials want to adapt to the desires of builders, architects, and residents themselves. I hope that other cities follow suit, and that having balcony glazing will be considered basically a homeowner’s right, as in Finland.” 

Glazing is not only a sustainable option for new construction projects, but likewise for renovation buildings. “The need for renovation in Spain is high. More than 80% of existing buildings need to be renovated in Spain, and Lumon provides the opportunity to bring age-old design and modern living together. It is the best possible investment in terms of value created for owners, builders, investors, property managers, or any other stakeholder involved in renovation projects,” Martinez continues. 

New production plant is ready to respond to customer demand

Founder and Chairman of the Board at Lumon Group (previously CEO), Tapani Kinnunen (right), shaking hands with President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno at Lumon’s Antequera factory opening in January of 2023.

The grand opening of Spain’s new production plant was celebrated at the beginning of this year, January 2023. The new facilities open up exciting opportunities for the future. “Our new state-of-the-art production facility has all the capacity to respond to demand. We are excited about the future together with the team, and of course, are always looking for new enthusiastic team members to join us,” concludes Martinez. 

The years of growth have seen the transition from a small family business to a globally recognized, national leader with state-of-the-art production facilities in the country of Spain. 

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