The balcony façade including Lumon products was renovated in a smart way

Before the renovation Ørsted's Gardens was called the ugliest building in Denmark, but today it can be called Denmark's best renovation. The project won the Renovation Award year 2021Tegnestuen LOKAL Architects being responsible for the architectural design. Lumon products play a key role in the façade design of the building.

This is a brilliant example of a renovation that manages both the climatic, acoustic and thermal aspects, but at the same time also supports the social cohesion of the building. On the video you can listen to the Architect Christopher Carlsen talking about how the transformation was done by adding a series of triangular glass blocks to the architecture, creating semi-private spaces for the residents. The new façade protects the apartments from the traffic noise and reduces the heat loss. Value of the apartments has also increased significantly thanks to the succesfull facelift.


BEFORE: The Ørsteds Gardens building in Copenhagen before renovation
BEFORE: The Ørsteds Gardens building near Copenhagen before renovation, with an outlook of 60s Danish architecture.

The architects undertook a complete redesign, which not only affected the use of the arcades but also completely changed the look.
AFTER: The architects undertook a complete redesign, which not only affected the use of the arcades but also completely changed the look.

Which products and solutions are used when renovating a balcony?

With Lumon balcony glazing and glass railings, you can create a completely new facade as part of a renovation or you can integrate the glazing in such a way that the original design of the building is retained. You can choose from a range of balcony glazing and glass railings, all of which can be customized and tailored to suit your needs.

The modular design of our products enables short installation times on site and thus accelerates the renovation process. We have an extensive experience in the field of balcony glazing and have developed a well-functioning process for balcony renovations. No matter where you are in the process, we are here for you. We offer you support and digital tools during the design process. Our experts will help you through the process and work out the solution that is right for you, depending on factors such as wind loads and location.

Glass and aluminum are durable, sustainable and recyclable materials, making them perfect for creating a stylish balcony facade. The old balcony façade can be refurbished to match the style of the building by upgrading the balcony railings and integrating the balcony glazing. The size of the balcony remains the same, but the railings, the new glass panels and details give a new look. Our standard solutions are tailored to individual balcony solutions and customer needs.

Lumon Glazing

Lumon facade renovationLumon balcony glazing is of high quality and combines elegant design, ease of use and practical use. The Lumon glazing system consists of two horizontal aluminum profiles located at the top of the ceiling and at the bottom on a parapet or on the floor, depending on which solution is most suitable for your renovation project. The frameless Lumon balcony glazing can be fully or partially opened as required. The closed glazing provides excellent protection for the facade and the concrete structures and thus extends future renovation intervals.

Profiles and glazing can be adapted to your needs in terms of colour, lamination and pattern. The glass thickness will be determined according to the conditions and requirements of the renovation project, such as wind loads and location selected.


Lumon Railing

Lumon facade renovationLumon balcony railings can be customized to suit your renovation project. Depending on your needs, you can combine our profiles, horizontal posts and glass panels of different colors to create a unique balcony facade. For a seamless glass balcony façade, Lumon glass railings can be combined with Lumon balcony glazing. Because the Lumon glazing and glass railings are frameless, they give the facade a stylish and elegant look. Instead of the traditional balustrade with posts, Lumon glass railings are attached to the ends. As this eliminates the need for corner posts, residents have an unobstructed view from the balcony and the superficial façade is also more streamlined and elegant.


What are the benefits of balcony glazing in a renovation?

Both real estate owners and housing associations are increasingly opting for balcony glazing when renovating facades. Glazing balconies as part of a renovation has several advantages:

Maintenance of the building

Maintaining the value of a building requires periodic renovations and repairs to last for decades. Last but not least, these are caused by external influences such as weather and moisture. Balcony glazing protects new and renovated buildings and thus extends the renovation cycles of the balcony and the facade behind the glazing.

Improving energy efficiency

Energy standards and laws place high demands on new buildings, but they may also apply to the renovation of old buildings. For example, if the facade or wall is newly plastered, the thermal insulation must be adapted to the currently applicable standard if it no longer meets the required levels.

Balcony glazing can make a significant contribution to achieving the insulation goals. Read more about how Lumon balcony glazing helps to save heating energy.

Improved soundproofing

The general conditions under which a building was originally designed and built change over the years. Neighborhoods are growing, new roads are being built and infrastructure is being renewed - often accompanied by increased noise pollution for residents. Lumon balcony glazing prevents outside noise, especially in residential properties near train tracks, airports, industrial areas or expressways.

Increase in value of the property

This and the reasons mentioned above contribute to the attractiveness of an apartment. Vacancies and thus rental losses can be reduced. A balcony and building renovation is not only worthwhile for aesthetic reasons, but also protects the house and the outside areas from further damage. Additional costs can be avoided in this way.

Aesthetic reasons

In addition to building protection and cost reduction, balcony glazing and glass railings also represent an architectural tool and are used specifically for the design of a building. Lumon balcony glazing is frameless and the aluminum and glass components are durable, yet simple and elegant. You can combine Lumon balcony glazing and glass railings together to create a unified and modern glass facade.


What should be considered before a balcony renovation?

Since balconies have a shorter lifespan than the house as a whole, a balcony facade has to be renovated about every ten years: wind, moisture and snow put a lot of pressure on concrete and balcony structures. Major renovations are costly but can rarely be put off for long as damage to the balcony structure mounts quickly. Damaged coatings, balcony floors or leaking balcony coverings are problematic because moisture penetrates the structures through cracks and gaps. A balcony renovation with Lumon products helps to reliably protect the balcony surfaces and adjacent parts of the building from the weather. The glazing of the balconies in the course of a balcony or facade renovation is therefore a good solution to reduce the need for renovation, because the visually appealing balcony glazing protects the building substance optimally. Tthis way you can reduce your renovation costs in the future.

A thorough inspection of the balconies to be renovated is therefore important. Depending on the condition of the existing balconies, a decision is made as to whether the entire balcony needs to be removed and new reinforcement and concrete slabs laid, or whether it is sufficient to replace just part of the concrete.

How does Lumon go about renovating balconies?

Balcony and terrace coverings are exposed to high stress. This can lead to defects in the covering and the seal. Further surface damage or even the ingress of moisture into the building are possible consequences. To avoid further damage, we recommend renovating the cantilever. Lumon offers you a complete solution for glazing your house facade and balconies, from planning to final assembly. This enables us to accompany every modernization or renovation project with an individual solution.

Together with the customer, we inspect the property and advise on the selection of Lumon products. In co-operation with the renovation company, the contractor and other service providers and trades, we can guarantee a quick installation and satisfactory results that meet the needs of all parties involved - including the end users - in the long term.

As soon as all parameters have been determined, we will make you an offer. This contains, among other things, suggestions for various technical solutions, a cost estimate and the expected dates. We use the data from our studies and current test reports. If you wish, we can start with a feasibility study at the start of the project, which particularly relates to the statics and the wind load.

The Lumon products are produced in modular construction in one of our two European plants and can therefore be brought directly to the balconies on the construction site and installed by our fitters, saving time and space. Even after professional installation, we continue to support you with service and repairs. Lumon guarantees five-year service safety for replacement and original components and system functionality for its glazing systems. Regular maintenance beyond that will help Lumon systems last at least 25-30 years.

Why Lumon as the design choice for your construction company? 5 reasons: 

  • Cooperation results in cost-effective solutions according to the visions of the customer 
  • Project partners receive up-to-date, comprehensive information when weighing different product solutions 
  • When working with the right products, design processes are eased for the entirety of the building
  • Effective installation is considered from the very beginning, bringing in cost benefits 
  • Functional and feasible glazing solutions are made possible when the structural attachment factors are defined early on 

Renovation reference Lumon

How Lumon can help you in the planning?

With a detailed and complete planning at the beginning of your renovation project, you will get the best results from an aesthetic, functional and economic point of view. The Lumon experts are there to help you from the start and support you with a large number of digital tools.

Lumon products are available free of charge in the following object libraries:

  • BIMObject (Autodesk Revit and Archicad files)
  • ProdLib (DWG, PDF files and material for AutoCAD users)

In Lumon Guidelines for facade planning you can find all the technical documentation for our products, including fire safety, wind load, etc. 

Take advantage of our solid expertise in balcony layout design and start designing a balcony facade with us. Our professionals are happy to help! 



Lumon facade renovation

Lumon facade renovation