Lumon to deliver balcony glasses to Canada

Lumon has received the biggest order ever to deliver balcony glasses to Canada. The order has a value of approximately 3.5 million euros. The glasses will be installed to the new residential area in the city of Landsey near Vancouver.

”There will be 11 houses altogether, of which 8 are block of flats and 3 rowhouses. The whole project consists of 600 apartments”, Lumon’s CEO Mr Jussi Kinnunen states.

Balcony glass installation is scheduled to be next year 2019. Block of flats’ building material will be wood, which is a typical alternative in the Western coast of Canada.

”The order confirms how well our products fit into different needs, despite of building methods or building materials”, says Kinnunen.

The delivery supports Lumon’s 2020 strategy, which aims to profitable growth and to double the sales especially in Lumon’s international markets.

Last year 2017 Lumon had annual sales of 120 million euros. The company has around 950 employees. International business represented about 54 million euros in 2017.