Lumon continues with its investments in Finland and Canada – The construction work of the factory in Spain has begun

The Finnish family-owned company, Lumon, has reported on its investments during the first months of the year: the company will expand its glass processing plant in Kouvola, Finland and build an entirely new factory in Spain. There are now more investments to come, as the company has also decided to invest around EUR 2.1 million in a profile processing centre, sawing automation and packaging line for the profile and assembly plants in Kouvola. Moreover, the production plant in Canada will be supplemented with a new aluminium processing centre. Its value is around EUR 420.000. In June, the company decided on its latest investment: the glazing line of the Kouvola assembly plant will be modernised. Its total value is around EUR 800.000.

“We have made every effort to improve our production, to ensure that our production capacity is sufficient to meet the needs of our domestic and international companies. Our sales have gone up by about 45 % during the first months of the year and the business outlooks have been favourable in all our market areas,” says Jussi Kinnunen, CEO at Lumon Group.

“Thanks to our strong growth, we have also globally recruited more than 400 new Lumon employees for different installation, sales, production and supporting positions during the first six months,” sums up Kinnunen.

The first foundation stone of the factory in Spain has been laid

The factory, built in Antequera, Spain, is worth around EUR 30 million. The goal is that the plant is ready for production in August, next year. The construction work began in the end of May, when the first foundation stone was laid in the presence of local guests invited. “The staff of our Spanish company has grown from 80 to 320 people during the past five years. When the new plant is ready, it provides work for some 100 people in the area,” says Javier Martínez, Country Manager from Lumon Cristales España.

“The plant will serve customers both in Spain and Southern Europe. Its goal is to shorten our delivery times and improve our delivery reliability. The delivery time is a vital criterium for consumer customers, in particular,” sums up Martínez.

“Setting up a factory in Spain is a historic step at Lumon. This is the first time, when we build abroad a production plant of this size. I'm looking forward to the date when the production is started up and the expansion of the operations is complete,” rejoices Kinnunen.