Lumon balconies highest soundproofing in German tests

Lumon noise reduction

Lumon has received significantly positive results in a test measuring the soundproofing levels of balconies in Germany. The Lumon 5 balcony glazing reached a level of 26 decibels, which is the best result among frameless glazings on the market. The impartial tests were performed in SG-Bauakustik test laboratory in Germany.

– In Germany, balconies are glazed for different reasons than in Finland: soundproofing is a very important criterion. Many apartment buildings are located alongside heavily trafficked roads, so glazing is used as a method to lower the noise level in the apartments, says Lumon's Kimmo Hilliaho, who completed his doctoral studies regarding balcony construction in August 2017. 

The tests were conducted in a German test laboratory according to European standards. 

– We wanted to see how our internationally most popular product, the Lumon 5, fares in sound absorption of outside noise. According to test results, the airborne sound insulation of Lumon 5 glazing was 26 dB when combined with ventilation seals, sound insulation seals and h-seals. Together with the Lumon balustrade and seals, the sound insulation was 27 dB. These are the best results ever achieved by any balcony glazing product, says Hilliaho.

SVP Antti Vänskä emphasizes that the sound insulation levels of balconies are a defining factor in winning glazing projects in Germany.

– The required decibel levels are beginning to show in German planning. I believe that in the future, a certain decibel level will become the required norm. Because of this, these test results are very important to us. It means we can continue with our ambitious product development, says Vänskä.

Opening markets to Belgium and Austria

Lumon has grown according to plan on international markets. The goal for 2020 is to nearly double turnover, from the current 120 million Euros to 200 million Euros.

– We estimate that this year, half of our turnover is from export sales. We have focused heavily on internationalization. We recently won our first glazing project in Belgium, and we have found resellers in Austria who are now selling Lumon products. The markets are opening up quickly in many Central European countries, so we are in a good position now, comments Vänskä.

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