Lumon is an international group focused on the sale, production and installation of balcony facade and terrace products. We help our customers with living comfort.

Market and customer demands have increased over the past decades. As a pioneer of the industry, Lumon has been able to rise to the challenge and develop desirable, stylish, long-lasting products which are easy to use.

Today, Lumon is an internationally-known company and a brand that customers have come to rely on. Lumon’s product range has expanded from balcony glass systems to glass terraces, room dividers and a variety of balcony facade solutions.

Our quality is recognized worldwide

Specializing in glass and aluminum structures, Lumon is a significant player in the European balcony and terrace market. Our headquarters are located in Kouvola, Finland, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Russia, and Canada.