Lumon’s New State-of-the-Art Balcony Glazing Production Facility Opens Doors to Increased Productivity and Growth

Today on 20th JAN 2023 the newest production plant of a family-owned Finnish company Lumon has it’s grand opening in Antequera, Malága, Spain. “This is the first time we have established a production facility of this size abroad and I’m very excited that the whole investment project was completed on budged and on time. This factory is a continuation of Kouvola’s production facilities, and they can be said to be the most modern balcony and terrace glazing factories in the world”, CEO of the Lumon Group Jussi Kinnunen rejoices.

“Spain has been our most strongly growing export country and their emphasis has been on the consumer side and now they are concentrating to project business as well. The new factory enables us to be closer to our customers and reduce our delivery times while improving delivery security and sustainability. Sustainability in all its aspects is one of our key focus areas in the coming years”, Kinnunen says.

“Especially in the Malaga region Lumon has become a synonym for balcony glazing. This is a clear indicator that there is demand for glazing systems and we believe that the strong growth we have had will continue in the future. We are happy that more than 400 guests will participate the factory grand opening event today.”, Kinnunen tells.

“This factory is a big milestone for us, and we have noticed that in Spain its employment effects have been noted especially by the local society. We are humbled to receive a Regional Economic Incentive granted by the Spanish government which total worth is over EUR 4 million. The fee is granted for companies that promote the employment in specific regions and have invested in advanced technologies.”, Kinnunen states.

Kouvola production investments paves way for Increased efficiency and innovation

Also, Lumon Kouvola production has been modernized and gone through several investment projects. during last two years. The latest investments last year were total of EUR 2.1 million in a profile processing center, sawing automation and packaging line for the profile and assembly plants in Kouvola. Furthermore, the glazing line of the Kouvola assembly plant was modernized with an investment of 800 000 €.

”We have invested heavily also in the modernization of the Kouvola production in order to meet our domestic and international customers needs. The Spanish factory’s capacity is roughly half of Kouvola production. The Kouvola production serves all our customers in Northern and Central Europe as well as project sales in Canada”, Kinnunen states. “Despite the current world situation, we are assured that there is demand for our products as people are looking for more room for life”, Kinnunen completes.

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    Family-owned Finnish company Lumon is the global leader in balcony and terrace glazing solutions. A blinds manufacturer Suomen Visor Oy is part of the Lumon Group specialized in blinds solutions for balconies, terraces, and windows. Earlier the blinds sold with Lumon products have been branded as Lumon Blinds but from now on all the blinds products will go under the Visor brand. At the same time Visor logo was freshened up to communicate Visor brand promise – Always in the right light – even better.

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    Lumon expands its operations as consumer sales launch in Poland

    “We have been in the market in Poland already for around 20 years. We completed some of our first projects there with a partner, and after our operations continued largely through resellers. In the past year, we have focused on project sales, but are now expanding to launch consumer sales in the Warsaw -area,” says CEO of Lumon Group, Jussi Kinnunen.

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