Lumon balcony glazing price

Balcony Glazing Price

What’s the price of a Lumon balcony glazing system?

For Lumon, each space is unique. All Lumon products are tailor-made, and this is why we do not have fixed prices or off-the-shelf products. Everything is personalised and manufactured to perfectly suit your specific space.

The price of a balcony glazing system depends on many things, such as the ideal product type for your balcony or terrace, glass thickness, local wind pressure, colours, size of the balcony, fitting solutions, height, installation type and which accessories you choose.

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What to consider when thinking of the cost of a Lumon system

The answer is straightforward: all the additional space you will gain in your home. You will have one more room with unique views to enjoy. All these new square metres are cheap compared with those of the rest of your home. Furthermore, in many cases, the property value of your home increases significantly, surpassing the initial expense of the balcony glazing itself.

Saves Energy

Saves renovation costs

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How to get sun blinds at the best price?

For extra comfort, Lumon offers sun blinds that are specifically designed for our balcony glazing systems. Ordering blinds with your glazing is cost efficient and easy. You will save money and your blinds are conveniently installed together with your glazing system.
If you, however, decide to purchase blinds after your balcony glazing is installed, no problem. As always, we will help you with that as well.

Getting your Lumon balcony glazing at the best price is easy: just ask us!

To know the exact price of your Lumon balcony glazing, book a free, no-obligation balcony glazing consultation to create a custom solution that will perfectly meet your needs. Solve your doubts and start enjoying your balcony all year round, at a price that will surprise you!

With over 40 years of experience in creating more room for life on balconies, we will work with you to convert your unused space into the place of your dreams.

Did you know?
93% of our customers say they would have had a balcony or terrace glazing installed much earlier had they known how much they were going to use that space.

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Benefits of Lumon Balcony Glazing

Lumon balcony glazing is a huge improvement to your home over an open balcony or fixed-glazing systems.

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