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Lumon has published its first-ever comprehensive Annual Review for the fiscal year 2023

As a family-owned private business, this marks the first time in Lumon Group’s history to produce such a comprehensive report for its external stakeholders. “We feel that this is the right time to do so, given the increasing global demand for Lumon’s products and our enhanced professionalism as an organization,” states Lumon Group CEO Jussi Kinnunen.

The report includes an executive summary with the main financial figures from 2023, a look into Lumon Group’s business and strategy, as well as the main initiatives of Lumon’s extensive sustainability programme with the aim to be the leading provider of sustainable living solutions in the balcony and terrace glazing industry.

Highlights of 2023

Despite the evolving market landscape, Lumon Group continues to invest in its future. 2023 was kicked off with the grand opening of Lumon’s 30M€ state-of-the-art production facility in Antequera, Spain – a modern production facility to meet the needs of growing demand. Lumon Group also presented its new value proposition, “More Room for Life,” while making significant steps toward achieving sustainability goals. The year concluded with 0 accidents in Kouvola’s assembly and logistics plants for the entirety of the year.  

Lumon Group’s customer-centrism is highlighted

In 2023, Lumon Group’s customer satisfaction reached one of the highest points in its over 45-year-long history – a NPS score of 71. High quality operations are the promise of Lumon, with sustainability targets supporting Lumon’s quality product and service. In 2023, Lumon also published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all of its products as one of the first in the industry. Commitment to safety, quality, and a superior customer experience carry Lumon’s operations into the future as well.  

In 2024, Lumon Group will go on to complete some exciting projects, expanding market presence around the world. Lumon’s products are sustainable and smart, and they have the potential to transform city landscapes. With recently having sold its first 50-storey skyscraper-project in the Greater Vancouver Area in Canada, Lumon looks ahead to years of exciting growth and expansion.  

Thank you to all of Lumon’s customers, employees, and stakeholders!  

Lumon Retractable Balcony Glazing is an architectural marvel.

Lumon Annual Review 2023

Download the full report from here.

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