Lumon balcony glazing in Vancouver, Toronto and elsewhere in Canada provides weather and windbreak protection for your new building’s balcony spaces—while maintaining and enhancing the curb appeal of your development.

Our balcony glazing is made of tempered or heat-soaked frameless glass panes that can slide fully or partially open, as you prefer. Built to last, our balcony glazing will not deteriorate over time. 

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Balcony glazing means less maintenance

Our balcony glazing helps prevent premature balcony degradation by keeping rain, snow, wind, dirt and birds away, which means less maintenance and fewer repairs. With the protection of our retractable glass, the lifespan of your building’s balconies can be extended by up to 25 years and cement deterioration reduced by up to 100%. 

In addition, homeowners can save up to 18.3% on energy costs with our balcony glazing.

An attractive selling feature

Lumon's balcony glazing creates a beautiful and functional balcony solarium that customers can use most months of the year. It protects from inclement weather, reduces noise by 50%, and provides added safety for children and pets.

Our balcony glazing is a major selling feature for any new development. In fact, some developers have found that glazed building units sell faster than non-glazed penthouse units—a testament to the appeal of our balcony glazing.

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Rigorous lab testing. Hundreds of thousands of real-world applications

Our product has been rigorously tested in laboratory conditions and in hundreds of thousands of practical applications around the world.

Lumon balcony facades meet all European and Canadian building regulations and requirements, including CCMC approval. Our balcony glazing is always engineered and installed to the highest standard to meet the current building codes. Because of its innovative design, it also meets all zoning restrictions. 

All the technical support you'll need

Our technical consultants will work closely with you to ensure that our balcony glazing solutions fit your building's unique look and style. We also offer design tools and technical documents to assist you. 

I bought my condo because of the solarium with the Lumon retractable balcony  glass. These glass panels have created a living  space which is pure comfort and a balcony that is all season, because of the opening and closing of the glass panels at will for fresh air or temperature. As well, the features of safety when my young grandchild visits and building security is ideal!  

— Marilyn B. from Pitt Meadows, BC

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