Sustainable Balcony Glazing with a Neutral Carbon Footprint

We’re proud to produce our balcony glazing in an environmentally responsible way. We’re equally proud that once installed, our balcony glazing can result in significant energy savings. By combining both of these factors, Lumon balcony glazing becomes a carbon neutral (and potentially carbon positive) product.

Independent research indicates that balcony glazing in Toronto, and other parts of Canada, pays back its carbon footprint in about three and a half years, on average. (Pay back refers to the length of time required for the emissions generated during the product’s life cycle to equal the emissions saved through energy savings.)

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Lumon is a leader in carbon footprint awareness

Lumon was one of the first in the balcony glazing industry to become alert to issues of corporate responsibility and carbon neutrality. We carried out an energy savings study in 2010 and conducted carbon footprint estimates in the spring of 2012. The former study confirmed that balcony glazing saves energy. The latter study demonstrated that the product has a positive impact on carbon footprints over a relatively short period of time.

Part of the reason we are able to achieve carbon neutrality so quickly is because the bulk of our balcony glazing materials, glass and aluminum, are recyclable. We also actively recycle any remnants from our process.

Our carbon footprint study

Our carbon footprint study used a 64 sq. m. high-rise apartment in Tampere, Finland. The apartment is equipped with a typical Lumon 5-type balcony glazing system consisting of six glass panes.

Thanks to the balcony glazing, the apartment’s energy savings for the winter of 2009-2010 totaled 4.6 kWh/m2/a, which amounted to an average of 1.9–10.4 kWh/m2/a.

Additional studies have shown the environmentally friendly properties of Lumon balcony glazing as recommended by the LEED certification system. Indeed, Lumon’s balcony glazing can contribute points (often substantial!) toward a building’s LEED certification.