We Manufacture Our Balcony Railings in Vaughan, Ontario

Safety is our top priority when constructing balcony railings

Having a safe working environment for our employees is the most crucial part of our balcony railings and glass wall manufacturing process. Our goal is to have zero accidents, and we support this goal by listening to our employees, improving our processes, collaborating with our partners and actively communicating with our customers about the safe use of our products.

We include accident prevention, safety and health as part of our operations planning. 

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Safety is everyone's responsibility

A safe workplace requires:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Safe working practices
  • Awareness of security and prevention
  • Continual assessment and improvement.

Responsibility for ensuring the safety of day to day work is shared by everyone, including management, supervisors, workers, safety officers and occupational safety and health groups. In addition, each and every employee must understand their safety responsibilities.

Employees must wear required safety equipment and employ safe work practices. Everyone has an obligation to observe safety conditions and eliminate onsite risks.

Safety certifications

Lumon Group's operations in Finland are certified to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH). The OSH system is used to manage OSH risks and improve the level of OSH activities. The OSH system brings a holistic approach and goal-oriented treatment of OSH and incorporates occupational health and safety issues into everyday activities.