Technical Specialist Panu Visa represents Finland and Lumon in European Union working groups

Technical Specialist Panu Visa plays an important role as the European Union renews standards and draws up new design and construction rules for structural glass.

A European Standard for determining the lateral load resistance of glass panes by calculation is being prepared In the European Union, simultaneously with new design and construction rules for structural glass. Yleinen Teollisuusliitto (YTL) manages these general standards and rules in Finland and has set up a steering group to oversee the preparation of the standard and the rules. Panu is a member of this group, along with another representative from Lumon.

Panu is a named member in the working group drawing up the European Standard, and is the only Finnish representative in the group. The working group updating the design and construction rules has participants named separately for each meeting by YTL and Panu is also participating in the meetings of this group.

The two working groups met in Brussels in late September to discuss the current status of the documents and to prepare them for a round of comments in EU member states in November. The comments received on this round will form the basis of the groups’ next meetings in January 2018.

The European Standard for determination of the lateral load resistance of glass panes by calculation defines, among other things, the required strength and allowable flexibility of glass in building, as well as the method for calculating the load bearing of laminated glass. The design and construction rules for structural glass go into detail on how glass structures should be designed and executed. These rules and norms are usually drawn up regarding large glass facades and stationary enclosed glass. The same kinds of standards cannot be applied to moving glass such as balcony glazing, so Panu’s presence in the working groups ensures that the special qualities of balcony glazing will be taken into account better in the future.

Panu’s career at Lumon began in 1995, when Lumon acquired the Optimi unit, focused on balcony glazings and balustrades, from Lemminkäinen construction company. The experience brought on by a nearly 30-year career makes Panu the best possible authority for EU-level work.