Our story

Founded in 1978

Only the memory of the clucking of chickens was left behind when, in 1978, Pohjois-Karjalan Lasipalvelu Ky set up its window renovation business in a former henhouse in Outokumpu.

At first, the operating area of the company covered only North Karelia in Finland. The business went through a rough patch in its early years, and it was difficult to even cover operating costs. In hopes of a better future, the company moved slightly more south to Kymenlaakso in 1981. Under the new name of Ikkunanikkarit Ky, the company swiftly established its position as the most capable window renovator of single-family houses and high-rise blocks. In the early 1990's, the overheating of the construction sector and the resulting recession opened up new possibilities for the company.

A new concept was launched - something completely new, never seen before anywhere in the world: glazing. In no time, Lumon terrace glazing became a household name that “breathed new life” into old buildings, as our slogan put it at that time.

Lumon History timeline


Today, Lumon is a rapidly globalizing professional in the balcony and terrace facade business. The company’s elegant and modern touch is visible in balcony facades and terraces of city apartments. We at Lumon believe in innovation, technology and teamwork.


Our vision for the future is one where Lumon is a genuinely worldwide modernizer of the urban landscape, with innovations admired by architects and builders and contact requests from all over the world. Already now, those taking part in our meetings and training lessons have experienced cultural diversity and different languages. Our vision is to be the best and most desired in our industry and our mission is to create better homes.