Lumon receives praises for work safety matters

The Uusimaa District of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries (RT) organised an occupational safety competition, in which Lumon Finland received commendations for how well the company has arranged its occupational safety issues. Maintaining good safety culture practices, ensuring safety among all those working on sites, as well as keeping documents and lists, invariably, up to date were among factors that were included in the competition criteria, for example. The occupational safety competition was arranged by the following central players in the field: The Uusimaa District of The Building Construction Industry, INFRA Contractors Association in Finland, The Finnish Construction Trade Union, The Trade Union PRO, The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland/The Division of Occupational Safety and Health, The Centre for Occupational Safety, as well as RAKLI.

We take work safety seriously

“Work safety is an integral part of our operations. It's great to receive commendations for how well we have ensured safety in our project sites. However, we are continuously doing our utmost to promote safety culture and to reach our goal of zero accidents in the workplace,” says Mikko Hilliaho, Senior Vice President, Lumon Suomi Oy.

“We focus on taking proactive measures to improve the safety of our work environment. We encourage all our employee groups, such as installation, production and employees in the support functions, to look actively around in the work environment, so as to make safety observations,” says Hilliaho. According to him, it is possible to disclose potential hazards on installation sites, at production plants and on office premises, by making safety inspection tours and safety observations in the workplace. Hilliaho emphasises the importance of playing by the occupational safety rules of the construction site in question. It is crucial to ensure that every employee uses appropriate protective clothing and personal protective equipment on construction sites. “In our opinion, adhering to workplace safety measures means that we also promote the wellness of other people,” Hilliaho sums up.

Detailed induction training prevents accidents

“The first weeks of the new employee in the workplace are crucial to the occurrence of accidents. We have, therefore, paid special attention to the process how new employees are introduced to our work safety issues, to provide them with the best knowledge of their jobs,” says Mika Juuti, Safety Manager at Lumon Oy. The installation and production employees at Lumon will naturally receive a more comprehensive induction training than other personnel groups.

“The commendation is a great achievement and it indicates that we have done something right in our work  safety matters. We'll certainly continue to improve our safety matters, as we want to ensure that safety issues will be seriously taken into account also in our future everyday operations,” emphasises Juuti. “Our strong growth worldwide has enabled us to put our functional safety measures into practice also in the operations of our foreign subsidiaries. Our goal is to provide every Lumon company, regardless of the country where it is located, with a culture that gives priority to work safety at every turn,” says Juuti.


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