Our product development is lead by the aim to produce products which provide benefit for our customers throughout the product lifecycle. Lumon Glazing saves energy, and the carbon footprint is offset in three years and four months, on average. Through this, we help our customers on the journey towards carbon neutrality.

In addition, the glazing protects the structures of buildings so that the need for restorations is reduced significantly. The protection brought by the glazing in itself extends the lifetime of the balcony by 5-10 years. If the glazing of balconies is paired with structural restorations to the balcony structures, the lifetime of the balcony is extended by 25-30 years. Studies show that an old unglazed balcony lasts for around 35 years, while a new, well-maintained glazed balcony lasts for 60-130 years.

Lumon corporate responsibility environment facade

We take action to care for the environment in all stages

Currently, we have a research project underway which will determine the timeline for carbon neutrality of our operations. We are already taking action to care for the environment in all stages of our operations. For example in production this reflects through our focus in quality, minimizing material waste, and optimization of processes.

Quality, for us, is an everyday effort, which we train our employees on. Our product is a custom-measured product requiring handywork, and quality errors are acted upon quickly. As a Quality Engineer I ensure that our product is easy to install, based on for example feedback from our Installers. Quality and safety work hand-in-hand.

A challenge with quality development is to pinpoint those things which, when corrected, lead to everyday quality operations. Quality also requires forecasting for various situations.

Our operations are lead by quality programme ISO 9001 and environmental certification 14001, which we strive to fulfil in all of what we do.”

Noora Pehrman, Quality Engineer

In installation, we are continuously evaluating for better ways of doing things, as well as optimizing install commutes to minimize transport emissions. In Installation, a special focus is taken in the recycling of packing materials.

Lumon corporate responsibility installation