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Lumon expands its operations as consumer sales launch in Poland

“We have been in the market in Poland already for around 20 years. We completed some of our first projects there with a partner, and after our operations continued largely through resellers. In the past year, we have focused on project sales, but are now expanding to launch consumer sales in the Warsaw -area,” says CEO of Lumon Group, Jussi Kinnunen.

“The process of establishing the business unit is currently underway, with recruitments beginning already this year. Our goal is to build our own independent sales and installation units, in the same way as in other areas where we have consumer -focused sales,” continues Business Director of CE -Countries, Antti Vänskä.

“The market in Poland is similar to the one in Spain, which is currently one of our most successful export countries. Around 85% of residents and homeowners are living in apartment buildings in the Warsaw -area. Due to limited space, residents are eager to maximize the use of their balconies, to enable the possibility for more room for life,” Vänskä explains.

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