Lumon Blinds are now Visor Blinds

Family-owned Finnish company Lumon is the global leader in balcony and terrace glazing solutions. A blinds manufacturer Suomen Visor Oy is part of the Lumon Group specialized in blinds solutions for balconies, terraces, and windows. Earlier the blinds sold with Lumon products have been branded as Lumon Blinds but from now on all the blinds products will go under the Visor brand. At the same time Visor logo was freshened up to communicate Visor brand promise – Always in the right light – even better.

“Visor has always been about sun protection and Visor is already an established blinds brand in certain markets. Lumon on the other hand is a brand focused on glazings, their maintenance and spare parts. And now we make Visor the only blinds brand in the Lumon Group”, explains CEO of Suomen Visor Oy Markku Pulkkinen.

“We believe that this change will bring Visor more visibility globally and help people to find Visor blinds with a smart two-way adjustment system for both windows and glazings”, Pulkkinen continues.

Suomen Visor Oy celebrated its 50th anniversary at the end of last year

Today, Visor sells fabric blinds, which can easily be implemented on balcony and terrace glazing systems, as well as windows and doors. The modern factory of Visor in Finland produces over 250 000 blinds every year, which are exported all around the world from Sweden to Chile.

“Visor has had a great success story. Not all companies established 50 years ago are still operating today. There have of course been challenges, but together we have overcome those”, Pulkkinen rejoices.

Lumon begun its partnership with Visor in the 2000’s, while searching for the best blinds products to pair their glazing solutions with. The partnership was so successful, that in the year 2012 Visor became a part of Lumon Group. According to Lumon Group CEO Jussi Kinnunen, connecting factors between Visor and Lumon have always been a family-business history and similar values.

“We have been working together with Visor since 2007. It has been great to follow Visor’s journey becoming one of the most major and innovative blinds producers domestically, as well as its continual international development”, says Kinnunen.

Lumon balcony glazing and railing with blinds
Lumon balcony glazing and railing with blinds
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