Lumon Cares About the Environment

Making balcony and patio glass responsibly

At Lumon, we’re committed to making sure that our balcony and patio glass is manufactured, packaged, transported and installed with all due care and attention to the environment. After all, our products give our customers greater access to the outdoors, so it’s only right that we take a leadership role in protecting it.

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Production materials

Lumon balcony and patio glass are made from recyclable, sustainable materials, such as glass and aluminum. We use only chrome-free paints on our aluminum profiles.

With our latest-generation software programs and sophisticated robots, we minimize waste in the manufacturing process. Any surplus that’s created is sorted and delivered to recycling centers.

Packaging and transportation

We’ve designed our packing and packaging to reduce waste, optimize load size and reduce transportation needs. This, in turn, leads to less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The final product

Our commitment to the environment extends to all parts of our company, including research and development, assembly and administration.

Our balcony and patio glass reduces energy consumption by heating, which can lead to fewer carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, we build these products to last, not just for customer satisfaction but also to reduce the environmental costs of replacement and waste.

Our balcony and patio glass protect patio furniture and balcony concrete from deterioration, which again means less waste and environmental burden.