History of Our Glass Sliding Doors, Walls and Balcony Railings

Lumon is a long-time innovator in frameless glass sliding doors

Today, Lumon is a world leader in frameless glass sliding doors, with over a million customers around the world. But it wasn’t always this way.

Like many successful businesses, Lumon comes from humble beginnings. But over the years, our company has grown as a result of our commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.

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It all started in a chicken coop!

When the founders of Pohjois-Karjalan Lasipalvelu Ky launched their window renovation business in a renovated henhouse in Outokumpu, Finland in 1978, they likely had no idea what they were starting.

At first, the business serviced only North Karelia in Finland, but it soon struggled to cover its costs. Therefore, it moved further south to Kymenlaakso in 1981 and changed its name to Ikkunanikkarit Ky. From there, the business swiftly established a reputation as the most capable window renovator of single-family houses and high-rise blocks.

When the building sector slowed, the resulting recession once again forced the company to change and innovate. In response, it developed and launched a new product line unlike any other on the market: retractable balcony and patio glass.

In no time, Lumon balcony and patio glass became a household name that breathed new life into balconies and patios. (In fact, “breathe new life” was our slogan for many years.) The product was quickly embraced by home owners, architects, developers, property managers and business owners as an attractive and highly functional way to get maximum usage out of outdoor spaces.

Lumon today

Today, Lumon is a recognized world leader in the balcony facade and sunroom business. Our custom designed products can be found in the frameless glass sliding doors, balcony facades and sunrooms of city apartments, suburban homes, summer cottages, restaurants, and more.

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Lumon looks to the future

We’re committed to continuing our tradition of quality and innovation into the future. We’re proud of our role in modernizing the urban landscape and making it more comfortable and attractive. Architects and builders recognize our expertise and appreciate our sliding glass doors and related products.

In addition, we’re proud of our diverse workforce, which brings together cultures, backgrounds and languages from around the globe.

And finally, we’re proud to have showrooms, manufacturing facilities and consultants available to serve customers around the world—and we look forward to bringing Lumon comfort and innovation to even more countries in the future. 


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