Sunroom Benefits

Benefit from a stunning glass sunroom for your home

Our sliding glass sunrooms and solariums offer many benefits, including more living space, reduced maintenance and repairs, energy savings and safety. 

Expands living space

A sunroom or solarium brings new living space to your home. A place that opens up to the beautiful weather in Florida and closes to provide protection from Seattle's rainy season or Chicago's windy days.

Our sliding glass keeps rain, snow, wind, dust, and birds away from your patio space without reducing the amount of light and sunshine that you receive. This protection means less time and money spent on patio repairs and new outdoor furniture. In cooler months, the glass traps the heat from the sun, contributing to the warmth in your home. And, of course, because the glass in our sunrooms and solariums are fully retractable, you can slide the glass open at any time for fresh air and sunshine during the warmer months.

Added safety

A closed and locked sunroom is a safe place for children to play, and it will quickly become their favourite playroom. 

A sunroom or solarium offers a nice outdoor space for even the most sensitive pets – whether you have a tabby cat, poodle, or guinea pig. Our sliding glass prevents the possibility of your pet running away, yet the sunroom provides them with a space to become familiar with the outdoors and the smells in the environment. And you get piece of mind knowing they are completely safe.

Safety glass and the option to lock the door provide additional security for housing. Our sunroom or solariums can store bikes and sports equipment safely. The glassed-in sunroom also protects the house facade and saves heating energy.