Benefits of Lumon glazing

Patio Glazing Benefits

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Patio with Glazing: Discover the Benefits

Lumon retractable glazing

Lumon patio glazing: elegance, preservation and exceptional quality

Our frameless patio glazing offers numerous benefits that elevate the quality of your home. The possibilities are endless with Lumon – we transform any average backyard into an extraordinary, versatile space that can be enjoyed all year round!

Patio glazing by Lumon

Lumon glazing benefits

A Lumon patio glazing system is a stylish way to add coziness to living on your patio. The stylish appearance of patio glazing is not its only advantage – it extends the usability of your patio during spring and autumn, while opening new ways to enjoy the patio.

weather protection

Weather protection

More room for life

More usable space

Lumon is a reliable partner

Deal with a reliable partner

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Patio glazing expands outdoor living space

These frame less glazing systems can be opened during warm weather and closed during windy, rainy, or cold conditions. While glass walls in patio glazing may not be thermally sealed, they still provide sufficient protection from the elements to make the most of your outdoor living space.

Patio Glazing protects facades and furniture

Patio glazing protects building facades and outdoor furniture

The added protection provided by our terrace glazing means less wear and tear caused by birds, detritus, wind, rain and snow on your porch or terrace, building facade, and outdoor furniture. Our patio glazing not only protects the exterior of your home but also creates a versatile and beautiful new room in your home

Lumon glazing adds safety for kids and pets

Patio glazing provides added safety

A glazed and secured porch offers a safe space for children to play and explore the beauty of nature. Pets like cats and dogs love these glass enclosures as well! Within glazed spaces, pets can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors or just bask in the warmth of the sun, without the risk of getting loose and lost.

Lumon patio glazing is flexible

Lumon patio glazing brings different seasons to the patio

The difference in the atmosphere is clearly noticeable: during spring, being in a glazed and draft-free space allows the warmth of the sun to efficiently heat you up compared to being outside. You can enjoy your yard and fresh air, but still stay warmer. The glazing also shields against the autumn wind and rain.

A glazed patio increases the value of the entire home

Because of the magnitude of benefits that Lumon offers, Lumon patio glazing is a long-term investment that will bring joy for decades. A sheltered and stylish patio functions as an additional room, creating a pleasant place between indoor and outdoor spaces

Lumon’s retractable glass wall has turned our seasonal patio into a room that we are thoroughly enjoying. The Lumon glass walled patio has offered us a space that is dust and insect free, warmer or cooler, with spectacular forest views, and also a room with ambiance and atmosphere

— Patrick D. from Coquitlam, Canada
Lumon glazing pricing factors

Patio glazing price

The price breakdown: unveiling the factors that shape the cost of patio glazing!

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