How to buy balcony glazing?

How to buy Lumon Balcony Glazing

Make Your Dream Balcony Glazing a Reality with These Simple Steps

Book your glazing consultation

Our balcony glazing consultation process

At every stage of the purchasing process for balcony glazing, your needs and preferences are our utmost priority. We are committed to assisting you every step of the way.

Customized glazing solutions by Lumon

Customized Balcony Glazing Made Easy

Every home is unique, as are your needs and personal style. Our helpful and knowledgeable experts will use their product know-how, expertise and experience in local construction to create a custom balcony design that you’ll love.

Lumon has high quality product

High quality product

Easy consultation process at Lumon

Easy consultation process

Quick install timelines

Quick install timelines

Lumon balcony glazing products

Learn about our products

On the day of your appointment, one of our consultants will meet with you in your home. We’ll get to know you, your balcony and your needs. We’ll take the exact measurements and review the different options with you: colors, system types, shapes, glass options, sun blinds and other accessories.

Lumon balcony glazing

Find out your project price

In most cases, we will be able to provide you with an immediate quote. In some more complex projects, we may have to return to our office to finalize our calculations, numbers and ideas. Either way, we’re happy to answer your questions and discuss financing options if needed.

Lumon is the ideal choice for all stakeholders

Make a decision

Once you’ve made your decision, we take care of the rest. We´ll place the order and start manufacturing your tailor-made balcony glazing in one of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. When ready, our experienced installation team will come to your home by appointment to install your brand-new balcony glazing system.

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Sit back and relax

Thanks to our experienced R&D and 40-year-experience the installation process is really fast and safe. We want you to enjoy your brand-new balcony, not to live on a construction site. The rest of the process — furnishing, decorating and enjoying the recently created “more room for life”— is up to you!

Over 1 Million satisfied customers worldwide are enjoying the result of our Scandinavian design-thinking and manufacturing quality on their balconies and terraces daily.

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How much does balcony glazing cost?

Start planning your balcony

How to plan your balcony glazing?

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