Insect screens and pleated blinds offer additional protection for your patio or balcony. These accessories help you keep mosquitoes away, cool off your sunroom or balcony, and give you extra privacy as required. 

Retractable insect screens

Lumon insect screens keep bugs where they belong – outside your sunroom or balcony. The screens also keep leaves and other flying debris off of your patio or balcony. 

The glass panes can be kept open while the bug screen is closed, so you'll get fresh air without mosquitoes and other insects. Because the screen is see-through, it won't affect visibility. 

The screens are installed on the outside of your balcony or sunroom, so that they look integrated with the whole Lumon system. 

Insect screens for your porch

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Insect screens for your balcony

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Pleated blinds for sun protection

Pleated blinds help you keep the heat of the sun off your balcony or patio. They also give you an extra level of privacy when you require. 

The blinds are fixed to each glass pane separately, ensuring that they move together with the panels as you slide and fold them open. The blinds open from the top or bottom, and they can be locked in any position. When pulled up entirely, the blinds are almost invisible. Morning sun, hot weather at noon, your neighbour's prying eyes in the evening: all of these are kept under control with Lumon's pleated blinds. Every moment on your balcony or patio can be agreeable and pleasant. 

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