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New Lumon Railing System

The Lumon railing – a new era of balcony facades

Contemporary architecture favours simplicity and clarity of forms, as well as lightness and open views. These glass and aluminum structures provide architects with opportunities to design facade solutions that feature clean lines and minimalist design. Customers often want to keep the views offered by the living space as open and uninterrupted as possible. A transparent balcony system allows for a new kind of interaction between inside and outside spaces.

You asked for a new railing, and we responded

In conversations with architects and developers at trade shows and exhibitions around the world, we asked what you wanted. You told us: a railing characterized by minimalist Scandinavian design.

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Our research and development department worked hard to make this desire a reality. All parts of the system have been considered carefully and finished down to the last detail. Thanks to Lumon's expert knowledge and decades-long experience, our company can supplement balcony facades with new technical solutions and innovations that are stylish and made to high standards which set the course for others to follow. 

A railing with delicate elegance

Large glass surfaces blur the line between the inside and the outside of the balcony. Our retractable glass windbreaks and glass railing solutions bring light and space into the interior of the home, creating an open feeling. The slender railing, with no vertical posts, provides the building with an elegant beauty. The balcony is a significant component in the building facade, so it is instrumental in determining the visual expression of the entire building. Lumon now provides architects and builders with fantastic opportunities to create impressive architectural solutions. 

The Lumon railing system is an excellent example of our sophisticated and polished design solutions. The end plugs and junctions of our railings fit neatly with the balcony structures, with the need for any plates or other special solutions on the site. The quality of our workmanship is visible and recognizable down to the last detail. 

Unobstructed balcony views up to 5 metres

The way the balcony railing has been engineered allows the railing to extend for up to 5 metres without vertical posts. The railing relies on horizontal stabilization, with the ends of the railing fastened to the balcony walls. This horizontally stabilized railing is the load-bearing structure. The lower glass frame of the railing system therefore needs minimal load-bearing capacity, and it can be attached with a lighter fastening.

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Lumon balcony glazing and facades

The new Lumon railing fits seamlessly with Lumon's retractable glass windbreak system. Together, the railing and windbreak create a balcony facade system that is stylish, durable, and functional.

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