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The balcony facade – the face of your building

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Lumon balcony facades highlight a building's unique architecture. The balcony facade system is made from glass and aluminum. These durable but lightweight materials allow you to create a graceful, elegant facade with clean lines and minimalist design.

These clean lines and minimalist design take centre stage with the new Lumon railing system, which has been engineered to need no vertical posts. 

Our balcony system has been tested in laboratory conditions and thousands of practical applications around the world, meeting all European and Canadian building requirements such as CCMC approval and the CE marking.

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Balcony systems well-suited for condominium renovations

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Lumon balcony facades are also ideal for condo renovations, increasing the value of the building and extending the lifespan of the balconies up to 25 years. The balcony facade system can maintain an architecturally unique look or remodel an old building to give it an updated design. 

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Retractable glass that transforms your restaurant patio

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Lumon also offers retractable glass walls, a creative and versatile way to make the most of any restaurant patio space. The glass walls transform your restaurant patio from a simple outdoor space that is sometimes used during the summer months to the most profitable space in your restaurant, all year round. 

It takes the usage of our patio space from six months of the year to ten or more, which is huge! More potential revenue.

– Kent Lucki, Owner of the Old Settler Pub in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

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Plan and design tools for every project

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Whether you are designing a new high rise or renovating your condo or restaurant, Lumon has plan and design tools to speed up the design process and help you visualize the options that best suit your needs. 

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