Values, Mission and Vision

Corporate values

We are always near 

We deal with situations proactively and in a timely way, and always strive to find the best solution to the customer’s needs. We approach our external customers with care and courage, and always prefer active communication. When an issue arises, we actively do our best to resolve it, until the best solution is found. We always cooperate with one another to give our customers the best possible experience. We are near, both in our online and offline presence, and stay involved in the communities in which we are.

We Keep Our Promises

Our word and handshake can be trusted. We act professionally, and our operations are guided by our promise to our customers. We act according to the One Lumon picture, and always use it as our trusty guide in decision-making.

We Build the Future Together

We provide sustainable solutions and always think about development in the longterm. We take sustainability and the environment into consideration in our decision-making and product development. We continually develop our operations to be more local and to support the future of communities and society. We care for the customer during the entire product lifecycle.



Better homes

We help our customers to create better homes by giving them more room for life. This way, their outdoor spaces can be utilized and enjoyed to the fullest. Our blind products give a final touch to the space, by providing privacy and protection. We take the customers’ needs into consideration and provide solutions on the basis of what the best solution for their better home looks like.

Better life

We also want to create a better life for our customers over the entire product life cycle. We care for the customer from production to installation, and even beyond. More space for life can look different for every individual, and we provide opportunity for a better life, whatever it may look like. We want our customers to enjoy life on their glazed terraces and balconies for decades to come.

Better world

Our products are 100% recyclable and a sustainable choice, which helps to save the environment through energy costs and reduced need for maintenance. Increased quality of living and more room for those things which are meaningful also create a better world. Through more spaces enclosed with Lumon, we build a better world.

Vision- "The best and the most desired"

Satisfied customers are at the heart of our operations. To be the best and the most desired in the eyes of our customers means to deliver the best possible solutions to our stakeholders while staying near throughout the customer lifecycle. The Lumon team is at the core of bringing the best and most desired to life, and we believe that the best is achieved by learning together. Continuous development enables us to deliver the most efficient and professional experience to our customers. Our goal is that when our customer looks at their newly transformed space, they say: “This is so amazing that I’ll definitely recommend it to everyone.”