Values, Mission and Vision

Corporate values

Lumon close to the customerClose to the Customer

It is important to listen to customers and develop top quality products on a continuous basis in accordance with customers’ wishes. Products popular among users must be made in the most efficient manner. Complete deliveries at the date agreed will ensure customer satisfaction and operational continuity. Open dialogue and cooperation between various players will contribute to the best possible living comfort, health and security. Customer satisfaction surveys will guide our development into the right direction.

We Keep Our Promises

Our whole delivery chain aims to carry out deliveries in time and as agreed. We use monitoring and meters to indentify the possible weaknesses and risks of our operations. We leave no stone unturned to remove them efficiently. We at Lumon deal with occupational safety related matters at all departments, in the management group and at workplace meetings.


We Build the Future

A comfortable, safe and productive work environment is created through persistent operations and cooperation between different players. We will always take safety aspects into account in decision-making. We analyze and monitor processes very accurately, and decrease the number or remove risk processes. Lumon always abides by local laws and fulfills all corporate obligations. This is the core of the Lumon image. Popular products, safe operations and well-timed complete deliveries will ensure customer satisfaction and operational continuity.


Better homes.


The best and the most desired.