Lumon’s Values, Mission and Vision

Our values are as strong as our glass deck enclosures

As a glass deck enclosure company, we value and understand the importance of standing strong and true to our values—even when buffeted by outside forces. As a result, we take our commitments to our customers, employees, partners and the environment seriously. 

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Values in our operations

We remain close to our customers

We listen to you, our customer. We listen to your needs and do everything we can to satisfy them. We invite open dialogue, and we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys and invite feedback to see how we’re doing and how we can improve.

We keep our promises

Our whole delivery chain is designed to carry out deliveries in time and as agreed. We carefully monitor our processes to identify possible weaknesses and risks to make sure that we keep our promises and delight our customers.

We're building the future

A safe and productive work environment can only be created through consistent operations and cooperation between the company, our employees and our partners. 

We take safety into account in all our decision making. We continually analyze and monitor our processes to simplify and reduce risks, and we always abide by local laws and fulfill our corporate obligations. 

In addition, we’ve designed our manufacturing process to minimize waste, and we’re proud that our products help reduce energy consumption. As a result, our glass deck enclosures have a carbon neutral footprint

Our mission

Our company mission is to create better homes, better life and a better world.

Our vision

To be the best and most desired.


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