Lumon Balustrade

Lumon balustrade – Essential part of a modern wintergarden


In the early days, when delivering and installing the first generations of Lumon retractable balcony glazing system, our products were typically an add-on to existing situation. There may have been an existing steel balustrade, concrete of brick wall up to handrail eight, or something else. Lumon retractable balcony glazing systems were developed and designed to be added and installed making an open balcony into something much more - a wintergarden.

As years went by, it was realized back in the 90’ by different parties  including our project clients that integration between the balcony glazing, balustrade and other building parts would be better if we were developed a balustrade system based on use of glass and aluminium to ideally match with our retractable balcony glazing system. Structural responsibilities, responsibilities of product measuring and managing the order and delivery process would be clearer and more streamlined. We were willing to take tat step and in a constructive dialogue with some architectural practices that we had worked with before we developed the first generation of Lumon balustrade.

Lumon balustrade today

As a general rule Lumon balustrade system is designed to allow for retractable balcony glazing system be installed above in terms of consequent loading situation. The balustrade can of course be designed to stand alone, but it should normally be seen as part of a wintergarden or full balcony façade even where balcony glazing will not part of concept in the beginning.

As we know Lumon balustrade today it is quite a versatile system based on the vast experience that we have in developing and delivering systems. It has obviously been developed over the years listening to architects’ wishes and ideas, trying to minimize material costs, site logistics costs and taking into account all structural calculation principles and local regulations without compromising quality and safety of course.

There are numerous options within the Lumon balustrade system, concerning fixing methods, colours and patterns of course, supplementary elements etc., but the most fundamental difference between various options is the supporting concept of the balustrade structure. Choice between the two following concepts is typically a result of architectural preference and cost analyses between the options, which again is largely dependent on layout of balconies in the project.

Horizontally supported balustrade

Lumon Balustrade


In this balustrade system handrail has a key role. It carries the horizontal loading (wind load, line load) and transfers the loads to side walls, either directly, or through full height vertical posts at each end. The beauty here is that in ideal situations up to 5-6m long balconies can be built without any vertical posts.


Vertically supported balustrade

Lumon Balustrade

This Lumon balustrade system follows the traditional principle where balustrade posts carry the loading and are firmly fixed to balcony slab structure. C/C between posts is typically approximately 1m or a bit less depending of course on balcony dimensions and local loading conditions.