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Facades that catch the eye

As a professional in the building industry, either an architect or a contractor, a developer or a real estate investor, you most probably want to create buildings that actually are more than just buildings. Facades that catch the eye and result in a safe and aesthetic living environment. Properties whose design fulfills energy and noise protection requirements, and whose materials are both high-quality and sustainable. With minimised life cycle costs, of course. Apartments that are desired among buyers and tenants.

Glazed balconies are a great addition to modern housing

Balcony facades – railings and balcony glazing – play an important role in the appearance of apartment buildings, and they open new possibilities for the architecture. While protecting the balcony and the building itself, glazing increases the value of the building, provides benefits for the residents and clearly enhances the building’s facade. Modern glazed balconies are a great addition to modern housing, adding value for investors, apartment occupiers, and improving the architecture of urban living environments in both construction and renovation projects.

With Lumon Glazing, you not only create better homes but also better-looking facades, better architectural design, and better-looking cities.

For architects: Designing functional facades with style

Lumon balcony and terrace glazing products are a modern choice, with which you can design spectacular facades. Glass and aluminium are durable, yet lightweight, allowing designers to create stylish, unobstructed entities that meet future building requirements. To make the planning phase as smooth as possible, we offer you up-to-date tools and support.

For contractors: Smooth workflow for building projects

Lumon glazing solutions are suitable for both construction and renovation projects. As a contractor, you can rely on Lumon as a partner. Our solid know-how from glazing design to installation has been honed into a diamond process over the past four decades. We are strongly committed to providing high-quality and affordable products and services on time and within budget – a key to a successful partnership and excellent project outcome.

For real estate investors: More profit for the same living space

With glazing balconies, developers and real estate investors can maximise the profit and minimise the life-cycle costs of the property. Including balcony glazing as part of the balcony concept increases the value of the apartment and means more profitable business for the developer. The life cycle costs of the property are reduced significantly with glazed balconies; the lifetime of balconies is actually doubled when they are covered with glazings!

Simple, structured and always on schedule. Our expectations were completely fulfilled. If we were planning balcony glazing for another project, we would do it again with Lumon at any time.

Lars Schlieker, Project Manager, Die Wohnkompanie

Make the most out of your project with Lumon

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative partner in the balcony glazing industry, Lumon is the clear choice. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and to see how we can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your needs.

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