The developer glazed the balconies to get protection for noise and wind

Lumon Schweiz AG was chosen as a partner in the Feldbreite project in Emmen, Switzerland. This beautiful apartment complex was completed 2022, and it includes 21 pieces of threshold, room-high loggia-type glazings.

The developer GENU Partner AG wanted to glaze the balconies to protect inhabitants from noise and wind. Their Project Manager Philippe M. Sonderegger tells that Lumon was their choice because of the high product-quality and good service. They were also happy with the price level Lumon was offering the project.

According to Mr. Sonderegger, the co-operation with Lumon has been good during the project. One of Lumon’s values is to be close to the customer.

“Despite some technical challenges, everything worked smoothly. Lumon Schweiz AG, together with their installation partner Küchler+Wyrsch AG, did a very good job,” says Mr. Sonderegger. “Lumon Business Development Manager in charge, with his honest and proactive communication, also convinced me personally”.

  • Building type: New
  • Lumon products: Lumon Glazing
  • Architect / construction company: GENU Partner AG

Despite some technical challenges, everything worked smoothly. Lumon Schweiz AG, together with their installation partner did a very good job.

Philippe M. Sonderegger, Project Manager, GENU Partner AG
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