Noise Reduction

Balcony glazing as a tool for sound insulation

Improved living experience and increased property value

Balcony glazing has many advantages. One of them is the significant sound insulation that will be achieved on a balcony or loggia. Furthermore, better sound insulation is then also achieved in the living rooms and bedrooms behind the balcony with balcony glazing, the wintergarden as it is often referred to.

We are living in the world of urbanization. For both cultural, economic and ecological reasons most new residential developments are located close to intensive traffic network. This means that we are and will be more and more surrounded by traffic noise coming from streets and highways, rail roads, air traffic. How to ensure pleasant living conditions?

People are sensitive to noise and want to relax in their living space. And one the best places for relaxation should the balcony. Isn’t that what they are largely designed and built for? Studies on health and well-being have shown that starting from 30 dB negative psychological reactions occur. A busy street close to a balcony will already produce that noise level. This is why architects, engineers and planning authorities are paying increasing attention to sound management of building façade and external areas such as balconies and loggias.

Noise reduction


Lumon soundproof glazing stands out

The SG Bauakustik - Institute for Acoustic Product Optimization in Mülheim an der Ruhr determined during a measurement that Lumon L5 frameless retractable balcony glazing system alone, or in combination with Lumon glass balustrade system, is ideal for soundproofing in residential complexes. During the test arrangements total of seven product solution variants with different seals and conditions were measured. Up to 27 dB airborne sound insulation was achieved!

In the laboratory tests, the Lumon soundproof glazing performed better than comparable products from other manufacturers.


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