Why Lumon sunrooms?

Experience, quality and care

A glazed terrace or porch will allow you to enjoy your surroundings from the warm interior of your home. Lumon is the creator of a system composed of glass panels that are custom designed for your home to create a stunning sunroom. 

Lumon sunrooms have a superior quality and is the most tested product in the market today. A whole life dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of glazing for terraces and porches.

We take care of every part of the process, which is different for each set, since every millimeter counts because each porch or terrace is different. Based on the knowledge and experience gained during more than three decades of research and product development, we have a product created especially for you and your family. 

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We specialize in glass sunrooms and solariums

We have over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing our glass sunrooms and solariums. This extensive experience is supported by the knowledge that comes from decades of research and product development. We pride ourselves in taking care of every step pof the process, from design and production all the way through to installation. Our uncompromising dedication to quality has paid off. Lumon sliding glass sunrooms are unrivaled for their style, price, appearance, functionality, security, and user-friendliness – and we have satisfied more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide who agree!

We listen to you

Lumon consultants listen to your wishes attentively, using their product knowledge and technical experience to build the customized sunroom that you've always dreamed of. We love seeing the dream that you have for your outdoor space become a reality! 

Lumon means tested and proven quality

Uncompromising attention to quality and continuous product development have really paid off. Lumon sunrooms are characterized by durability, user-friendliness, and elegant design. With our roots in Finland, you can trust the product's performance in extreme temperatures – after all, our sunrooms have been satisfying customers in Scandinavia's climate for decades. From the cold winters in Maine to the hot summers in Flordia to the rainy seasons of Seattle, our solariums are designed to excel in all kinds of weather conditions throughout the whole year. 

Lumon wants to continue be a forerunner in the sunroom sector. To this end, our own product development department allows us to remain on the cutting edge of research and development, while offering state-of-the-art sunrooms which fulfill future architectural and customer-specific requirements. Lumon solariums are proven products that have passed a wide variety of inspections.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to Lumon. The glass and aluminum that we use in our products is fully recyclable. Moreover, production material remnants are recycled to produce new products. Click here to find out more.