How to use a Lumon sunroom or solarium

Our sunrooms and solariums are easy to use, which are one of the many great things about them.

The sliding balcony glass opens easily with a typical door handle. Once this has been opened, the glass slides easily to fold against the wall. All of the glass panes can be left open for partial protection.

A key lock is also available as an accessory to the handle. The lock provides additional safety for families with children, for example.

Download the Lumon user manual here >>

Cleaning and maintaining your sunroom

  • Use ordinary domestic detergents to clean the glass
  • Avoid sharp objects or materials that could scratch the surface
  • Wash using vertical movements and, at the bottom part of the window, horizontal movements
  • Finish off the glass elements with a squeegee
  • Wipe the aluminium parts with a damp cloth
  • Use a mild solution of a domestic detergent for the aluminium parts
  • Vacuum the bottom grooves regularly to ensure that the sliding doors will slide smoothly