Insect screens


Get your retractable screens for your porch

Insect screen rooms are the secret to enjoying the great outdoors in United States. Whether you live in New York, Buffalo or elsewhere in the U.S, mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other pests are never a welcome addition.

That's why we've developed retractable insect screen rooms that are designed to work perfectly with your Lumon designed sunrooms and balcony glass. 

Retractable insect screens

Insect screens help you make the most of the months on your balcony or porch.

Bugs are an unwelcome guest at any time. And when you're out on your deck, you want to be able to sit back and relax – not worry about pesky mosquitoes and buzzing flies. 

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Innovative and durable porch screens

Our screens are an innovative and exciting development for the world of screened-in porches. 

Our screens are strong and durable, designed with accordion-style pleats. This pleated design means that you don't have to worry about the screens tearing or becoming misshapen if your child or pet runs into them. Rather, the durable screens simply pop right back into place. 

Our screens are retractable. Mosquitoes won't be swarming your porch every single day of the year, so our screens give you the flexibility to have them open or closed as you wish. The screens can also be left partially opened if, for example, you have our sliding glass walls enclosing the other part of your porch or balcony. 

The screens are strong without sacrificing looks. We pride ourselves on a product that demonstrates its high quality and matches that quality in elegant appearance.

Screens that integrate perfectly with the rest of your porch

Bugs might be a problem on your balcony or patio, but we know you also want to protect your porch from wind and rain.

Our screens can be completely integrated with our sunrooms and sliding balcony glass, whether you have them installed all together or complete the project in stages – so you can get rid of the mosquitoes today, and worry about the winter winds tomorrow. 

Our insect screens also work well as stand-alone systems.

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Custom screens made in North America

Our screens are custom-made for you at our world-class manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada.

Screens that are expertly installed

The retractable screens are installed by our professional crews.