Why Lumon balcony glass?

One of the most popular balcony glass systems worldwide!

Over one million satisfied customers and over 35 years of experience

Lumon balcony glass systems are the outcome of long-term product development, and we have over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing frameless retractable glass balcony enclosures and solariums. Thanks to more than one million satisfied customers, Lumon balcony glass has become one of the most popular balcony glass systems worldwide. 

Trust in Lumon

We listen to you

Lumon representatives listen to customers and their wishes attentively. We work closely with you, using our product knowledge and technical experience to make your dreams for your home a reality. Each balcony system is custom-made to fit your needs.

Proven quality

Uncompromising quality and continuous product development have really paid off. Lumon balcony glass is characterized by durability, user-friendliness, and elegant design. The balcony glass system works throughout the year and for many years in various weather conditions.

Lumon wants to continue to be a forerunner in the balcony glass sector, and our own research and development department allows us to remain on the cutting edge of product development, while offering state-of-the-art balcony glass solutions which fulfill future architectural and customer-specific requirements. Lumon balcony glass solutions are proven products that have passed a wide variety of inspections.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to Lumon. Our materials, glass and aluminum, are fully recyclable. Moreover, production material remnants will be recycled to produce new products.

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CCMC-approved in Canada, CE-designated in Europe



Lumon has approval from the CCMC, and we also work closely together with you to make sure that your condo board approves this project. Our frameless retractable glass is the only balcony solution that keeps out wind, rain, and debris without creating a permanent enclosure on your balcony. This means that you can enjoy your transformed balcony without worrying about zoning restrictions.

The CE marking is another sign of superior quality. The Lumon balcony glazing system was awarded the European Technical Approval (ETA-06/0019). The Lumon glazing system is the first in Europe to get this approval and CE marking (Conformité Européenne). The CE marking is given, for example, to building products that fulfill the EU’s health and safety requirements with a reference to such standardized regulations as EN. CE is one of the most famous markings in the European Union. Products with this marking can be exported freely without any need to test or alter them in any way (European Technical Approval (ETA) requirements).