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Sunrooms in Oxford, UK – Create Beautiful Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Sunrooms in Oxford, UK, effectively bridge indoor and outdoor spaces. With a brand-new sunroom from Lumon, you get a relaxing, versatile space that you and your family will never want to leave.

Our installation experts craft beautiful new sunrooms in Oxford, UK, in various designs that can be made bespoke to your requirements.

Customise your outdoor space with patio doors and custom traps for a sunroom design that brings your dreams to life.

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Benefits of Sunrooms in Oxford

Why add a sunroom to your Oxford property? These conservatory add-ons boast many benefits, including:

  •  Ample natural light: Feel the sunlight on your skin and brighten your interior space with a window-filled sunroom from Lumon.
  •  The transition between home and garden: Want to feel the warm summer breeze and bask in the sunlight without being exposed to any disturbances? The sunrooms we build for customers blend the enjoyment of the outdoors and indoors with a seamless transition between the two.

Year-round use: A properly insulated garden room feels warm and comfortable throughout Oxford’s diverse seasons.

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Sunroom Design and Customisation

Working with Lumon in Oxford means creating a fully customised sunroom to suit your wants and needs. We offer a range of customisation options, such as:

  •  Materials: The structures of your Lumon sunroom are made from aluminium, a sustainable material that is easily recycled.
  • Windows: Want a few windows or a glass-house-style sunroom? The choice is yours.
  • Doors: Create convenient access to your garden space and your home with custom-built sliding doors, complete with screens to enhance airflow.
  • Roof choices: Maximise natural light with a see-through glass roof, or choose an opaque material for a more home-like aura.
Lumon Glass Room Retreat

Sunroom Furniture and Decor

Personalise the look and feel of your garden room interior by adding furniture and decor that matches your home’s style. We can make your sunroom work for you whether you want to:

  • Provide more living space. Add a comfortable sectional around the perimeter with a coffee table in the middle.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Pepper houseplants and succulents throughout your garden room space — they’ll thrive in the sunlight.
  • Create a tropical oasis. Hang beachy decor and place tropical plants around the room for an ocean-like design that overlooks your garden.
  • Create an indoor-outdoor kitchen. Install plumbing and electrical in your garden room and place your Blackstone right outside for a seamless transition.

Our business will design a premium sunroom based on your aesthetic, security, and functionality preferences.

Let your imagination fly, and start planning your sunroom here.

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Sunroom Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your sunroom is simple. Just clean the glass windows regularly like you would any other windows on your property. Look out for tears or scratches in the window screens, and repair them promptly.

Because your sunroom features a different construction from the rest of your home, treat it accordingly. Avoid leaning ladders against the walls or walking on the roof. Keep external landscaping clear of the sunroom to prevent exterior damage.

If your Oxford sunroom uses a mostly glass construction, watch out for excess condensation and moisture that can lead to mould accumulation. Wipe down windows to prevent mould from forming on particularly humid days.

Once we complete the installation of your new garden room in Oxford, we’ll be available for annual inspections to keep your new space in tip-top condition.

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When you commit to Lumon’s services, we commit to you — we guarantee professional, friendly service from start to finish. 

  • The process begins with a consultation when you share your vision with us. We create a plan to make your patio dreams come true while offering a cost estimate according to the specifications of your project.
  • Next, we go over your design in more detail and customise your product to your size, material, and aesthetic preferences. 
  • Once we finalise the materials and design, it’s time for the installation team to start bringing your dream garden room to life!

But we don’t stop there. Lumon offers after-installation support to ensure you’re happy with our product. Experience the joy of a perfect new space that complements your home and lifestyle. Contact Lumon today for a free quote or some expert advice.

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At Lumon, we make adding outdoor spaces to your property easy. We offer competitive pricing, completely customisable designs, and efficient installation.

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