Transform Your UK Home with Stunning Sunroom Designs

There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up and relaxing in a sunroom after a long day. These cosy home extensions give you access to the outdoors and sunshine without having to worry about bugs, animals, or bad weather. 

Sunrooms provide a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a perfect happy medium. They have grown in popularity in the UK in recent years because of their versatility and ability to maximise natural light. With Lumon, you can add a luxury sunroom to your home to let the light in and create a sun-filled living space!

Lumon Glass Room

The Key Features of a Lumon Sunroom

Here at Lumon, we want you to have the sunroom of your dreams. To achieve this, we work with you to customise your sunroom’s materials and features.

Consider the material you want. We make Sunrooms with wood, uPVC, or aluminium. Aluminum is a good choice in terms of durability and doesn’t require much maintenance. Versatility is another strong point of aluminium, as it can bend into shapes to fit your preferred design or aesthetic. 

The Benefits of a Lumon Sunroom

If you’re on the fence about adding a sunroom to your home, we guarantee you won’t regret it. There are a number of benefits to buying a sunroom from Lumon.

Sunrooms increase your living space. Whether your family needs more room to spread out or you want to enjoy the outdoors even on chilly days, a sunroom can make all the difference. 

Sunrooms are very versatile. You can make your sunroom a dining space, a relaxation area, or even a home office. Regardless of how and when you use it, it’s sure to add sunshine to your day. 

These benefits work together to increase the overall value of your property. Sunrooms make a property more desirable because of their space, aesthetic, and versatility.

Personalise Your Sunroom With the Right Furniture and Decor

Once we build your sunroom, you have the opportunity to really make the space yours. The furniture and decor you fill your sunroom with will depend on how you intend to use it. Still, most sunrooms have a cozy, welcoming aesthetic to maximise relaxation.

Using sunroom-friendly materials for your furniture is important. Choosing materials like wicker and rattan prevents furniture and decor from fading over time from sun exposure. 

Let your imagination fly, and start planning your sunroom here.

Control Your Lighting for the Best Sunroom Experience

Inviting the sun into your home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. You can maximise natural light in your home daily to use less electricity and save energy. 

But remember: having too much of a good thing is possible. The sun’s rays can become harsh and overbearing without light control. Use curtains, shades, and blinds to control the lighting in your sunroom.

Get Started With A Free Quote For Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

When you commit to Lumon’s services, we commit to you — we guarantee professional, friendly service from start to finish. 

  • The process begins with a consultation when you share your vision with us. We create a plan to make your patio dreams come true while offering a cost estimate according to the specifications of your project.
  • Next, we go over your design in more detail and customise your product to your size, material, and aesthetic preferences. 
  • Once we finalise the materials and design, it’s time for the installation team to start bringing your dream garden room to life!

But we don’t stop there. Lumon offers after-installation support to ensure you’re happy with our product. Experience the joy of a perfect new space that complements your home and lifestyle. Contact Lumon today for a free quote or some expert advice.

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At Lumon, we make adding outdoor spaces to your property easy. We offer competitive pricing, completely customisable designs, and efficient installation.

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