Glass walls

Glass Walls

Live outdoors all year round with our frameless retractable terrace glass walls, sunrooms, solariums, and three-season rooms. Imagine enjoying breakfast outdoors in any season, or sending your children out to play even when it’s raining, or sitting with your friends and family in the sunroom enjoying a coffee and watching the sunset - all year round.

All of our glass walls are fully customizable to suit your own personal style and needs. Enhance your home with a complete sunroom addition, or transform your existing patio into a sunroom with our frameless retractable glass walls.

In the warmer months, you can open up your retractable glass walls completely and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while still controlling the heat under with our sunshades and blinds. In the colder months, enjoy time in your sunroom without rain, snow, wind, debris or leaves. Create the outdoor living space that you’ve always dreamed of with Lumon’s frameless retractable glass walls.

Lumon glass walls

Why glass walls?

In addition to providing a convenient way to add space to your home, our retractable glass walls and sunrooms offer many other benefits. 

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Expands living space

The glass walls add a new dimension to your home. A new living space that opens to the beautiful weather, outdoor space, and protects from rain, dust and wind.

Lumon glass walls living space

The glass walls can serve even a large number of diners and functions as well as a place to hold festivities. Keep in mind, however, that a glazed in terrace is an outdoor space, use furniture and decor that is moisture-resistant. The glass walls create a glazed terrace that is an ideal place to pre-grow summer flowers and take care of your kitchen garden. The enclosed terrace gives totally new possibilities for you to improve your housing conditions and living comfort – to increase ambience and flair on the terrace.

In cooler months, the glass traps the heat from the sun, contributing to the warmth in your home. And, of course, because the glass walls in our sunrooms are fully retractable, you can slide and fold the glass walls open at any time for fresh air and sunshine during the warmer months.

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Added safety

Terrace glazing

The closed and locked glass walls create a safe place for children to play. Even parents feel comfortable with the kids on the terrace.

Whether you have a cat, poodle or guinea pig, an enclosed glass terrace or balcony offers a nice outdoor space for even the most sensitive pets. The glass walls keep your pet on the terrace, but they can still enjoy the outdoors and get stimulated by their environment safely. Safety glass and the option of locking the glass walls provide additional security.

Safety glass and the option of locking the door provide additional security for housing. A glazed terrace can store bikes and sports gear safely. The glass walls also protect the house facade and save heating energy. Learn more about Lumon energy saving

Glass walls protect

Our frameless retractable glass walls keep rain, snow, wind, dust, and birds away from your outdoor living space without reducing the amount of sunshine that you receive. This protection means less time and money spent on patio repairs and new outdoor furniture.

Lumon glass terraceLumon customizes each glass wall with pre-designed standard elements to fit in your home: terrace roof and structure. Combined, these give you endless creative solutions to add space. Learn more about our glass roof system

The easiest way to get a sunroom is to install Lumon glass wall elements to an already covered terrace. The frameless glass wall elements will transform your patio into a sunroom. The end result is an elegant glass-enclosed terrace.




Frameless retractable glass walls

Our frameless retractable patio glass walls are our most stunning and elegant terrace option, with floor-to-ceiling glass that gives you a completely unobstructed view.

With smooth profiles and striking design details, this stylish option is ideal for ground floor sunrooms and solariums.

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Stunning design

The Lumon glass walls are a pleasure to the eyes, to touch, to operate and use for a long time. The enclosed terrace offer spacey, limitless views of your surrounding area. Be part of your natural environment – with frameless glass walls – for all seasons, all weather conditions or to suit your mood.

Meticulous construction, well-finished forms and pristine surfaces bring timelessness and a whole new level of quality. The glass walls are a joy to use. A key feature is the retractable glass elements which use minimal space and allows maximum usage of the interior. The main door allows easy access. It is designed so children can open it easily – and can also be safely locked.

Fitted sun-protection shades

Lumon shades on terraceOur glass wall systems can be equipped with fitted sun-protection shades and blind. The shades are movable, and they will be fitted to inside the door units.

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Lumon glass walls are an outcome of long-term product development and we have over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing sunrooms and retractable glass walls.

We take care of every step of the process, supported by the knowledge and experience that has come from more than four decades of research and product development. This uncompromising dedication to quality has paid off. Our glass walls are unrivalled their style, price, appearance, functionality, security, and user-friendliness — and we have more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers worldwide who agree.

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