Balcony glazing

The balcony. The best place at home.
With Lumon balcony glazing even more so.

Discover all the possibilities and benefits of a Lumon balcony glazing system and convert that unused space into your favourite place at home.

The Lumon balcony glazing system allows us to enjoy that extra bit of space we always need around the home. It will provide a whole new range of possibilities, regardless of the weather – or the time of year and without the need to alter the balcony’s essential function.

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Lumon glass curtains balcony


A sunny breakfast enjoyed all year round.
A calming cup of tea cuddled up in your favourite armchair watching the Spanish rain pour down. 
A romantic candle-lit dinner on a chilly autumn evening. 
A few miles on your exercise bike sheltered from the wind.
Being lazy on the sofa, legs crossed, talking about everything and nothing…
these are just a few of the infinite possibilities a space like this with Lumon balcony glazing can offer.

Breakfast on balcony

We cannot do magic giving you a bigger balcony, but we help you take full advantage of the space you have and make it smarter. A lot smarter.

Once we understand this, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the balcony glazing, the balcony becomes a new opportunity, and its potential is only limited by the boundaries of our imagination and our desire to explore new everyday opportunities.

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Lumon glass curtains balcony SpainBuild an all-year-round balcony oasis with views

A balcony always in use, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

At Lumon, we know that you would love to have a place inside your home where you live unique and great moments without worrying. Enjoy every day on your balcony. And, of course, because our balcony glazing is fully retractable, you can slide and fold the glazing open at any time for fresh air and sunshine.

A comfortable and functional space for relaxation and enjoyment, either alone or in company. A place to unwind and seek inspiration. With our balcony glazing system, your pets will also enjoy the comfort and security of a protected space with total freedom and tranquillity for them, and for you.

Lumon’s retractable balcony glazing solves these problems by providing homeowners many advantages with the added flexibility of being able to open and close the glass panels as desired.

Did you know? You can always choose to have your balcony closed, protected and safe, but with natural lighting, or slide and fold the glass panels on one side, and feel the fresh air with the total opening of your balcony, integrated into the environment.

Benefits of a Lumon balcony glazing systems

Benefit #1: Increases usable living space.

When protected by Lumon balcony glazing, your balcony transforms from an occasionally useable space to one you can use almost any time.

Our system is designed for maximum comfort and easy to use. When the weather is cold, wet or windy, you can keep the balcony glass closed for protection. When the weather is warm and pleasant, you can open up the balcony glass and let in the fresh air. If the weather is somewhere in between, you can choose to have the balcony glass partially open.

Lumon balcony space glass curtain

Benefit #2: Frameless Glazing - unlimited Views, great design, functionality and easy to use.

Lumon’s revolutionary balcony glazing systems have been generating considerable excitement in each country where they are introduced. With no unsightly frames between the glass panels, the light, elegant design has a minimal effect on the outward appearance of the building. They have become an exciting new innovation and a product that has little or nothing in common with the old- fashioned and unattractive installations that had been previously seen on balconies before.

Lumon Scandinavian design glass curtainScandinavian design.
Scandinavian safety.
Scandinavian functionality.

We know that all the details matter to you, that's why we took care of each one of them. You will be able to protect your balcony, not as with a traditional enclosure with frames, but with the Nordic style, design and functionality that characterizes us.

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Easy to open. And close. And open.

How to open Lumon glass curtains

Retractable balcony glazing means that our frameless retractable glazing can be fully opened, the glass panels slide easily to fold against the wall and is easy to use.

The glass panels open easily with a handle. Once this has been opened, the glass panels slide easily to fold against the wall. All of the glass panels can be turned aside, or some can be left open for partial protection. The inner and outer surfaces of the sliding and folding Lumon balcony glazing units are easy to clean safely from inside without a need to reach out from the balcony.

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Benefit #3: Protects your balcony and furnishings with style.

With balcony glass, your balcony structure and furnishings are protected from outside elements, reducing repairs, cleaning, painting and maintenance. Take your furniture out to the balcony and leave them there.

Lumon balcony style

Benefit #4: Reduces noise and increases safety.

Security was the first thought. Not an afterthought

The Lumon balcony glazing systems are extremely resistant to wind and impacts. We were the first company in Europe to get the CE-marking for its balcony glazing systems. As a matter of fact. We set the standard. As a Scandinavian company, safety and security is not an option. It´s a standard. All of our solutions are analyzed and tested. We do not improvise or apply homemade inventions.

Our balcony glass not only acts as a windbreak against wind and rain, but it also reduces noise by 50% and adds an extra layer of safety for children and pets. 

Lumon glass curtains protect

Benefit #5: Reduces energy consumption

When kept closed during the colder months, the Lumon balcony glazing reduces energy consumption, allowing you to heat your home more efficiently, with less heat loss. We’re talking about a single glazed unit, ventilated space, but it builds up a buffer between the exterior and the interior. The buffer against weather, especially windy weather. The wind pressure on the balcony is reduced, which is reducing energy costs in the heating. 

It´s a green act to get a balcony glazing system

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