What is a Lumon Sunroom?

A sunroom with unobstructed views,
Scandinavian design,
multifunction and
high security.
All in one.
That’s a Lumon Sunroom.

Create that perfect corner. Bring some nice furniture out and relax. And leave them there.

Lumon Sunroom view

A constant problem we've detected and determined ourselves to fix is the limited seasonal use of your terrace or patio space. Often, as soon as the weather turns windy, rainy or cold, terraces become unusable. Even when the weather is pleasant, the backyard patios still need to be cleared of leaves, sand, dust, and outdoor furniture must be cleaned.

Lumon sunroom winter snow

It started as a useless space ... it ended up being the favourite place to bring friends.

Lumon sunroom coffee

A quiet refuge or an ultimate gaming-room, depending on what you’re looking for. Somewhere to work undisturbed or a safe play area for the kids. A place to go without any need to abandon your home comforts. Experience the outdoors, but with all the security and comfort of feeling totally at home. Enjoying the light and warmth and sitting back on those cold winter days in cosy surroundings. Keep on reading and learn more about the frameless Lumon suroom glazing systems.



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Who said the patio couldn't also be used as the children´s playground or the ultimate game centre?

The patio doesn´t have to be huge, just smart.
With Lumon sunroom glazing you can´t make it bigger.
But you can make it smarter.
A lot smarter.






Your home office. The best open office concept. Well, glazed office concept.

Glazing your terrace and making it the safest place to play is at your fingertips. With the Lumon sunroom, you will gain space, tranquillity and security, happy moments, comfort and fun.

A hideaway, not far away

In all homes, big or small, sometimes you need to be on your own for a while – to drift away from everything, but still, stay close. Your covered patio with Lumon a sunroom glazing can create such calm little islands for that 30-minute everyday vacations.

These are some of the benefits you will get with the Lumon sunroom enclosures and glazings. In addition, you can enjoy your patio in summer and even in winter, regardless of the weather, the cold, or the rain. With Lumon, you will have all the protection and security.


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Why a Lumon Sunroom?

There are countless sunroom providers throughout the UK and the vast majority of them are all the same in style, look and quality. At Lumon, we are the unique when it comes to our sunrooms. Our sunrooms are extremely unique compared to our competition due a variety of reasons. Our sunrooms uses very strong, high quality glass from Finland which makes our product more durable, weather resistant and beautiful. In addition to the quality of the glass we use, our sunrooms also have the unique capability to fully retract its walls, allowing you and your family to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather outdoors! Our sunroom glass panels are also frameless, giving you an unobstructed view of your beautiful yard! Check out all the benefits of our glass sunrooms!

Lumon sunroom design

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Our glass sunrooms are backed by decades of research and testing

Much like the city of Rome, our glass sunrooms were not built in a day. Our glass sunrooms were developed over 40 years of rigorious testing, continuous design, exhaustive research and developement to ensure that our product can be held to the highest standard and that you, the customer will be satisfied, with your new enclosure. We have installed sunrooms into hundreds of thousands of customers homes around the world and they can testify as to the style function and durability of our sunrooms!

Lumon patio glazing

We listen to your needs and preferences and help you create your sunroom

Every home is unique, as are your needs and personal style. Our helpful and knowledgeable dealers will use their skills and product expertise to create a custom sunroom design that you'll love. From our humble beginnings as a small window framing business in Finland, we’ve built our company by being responsive to our customers’ needs and preferences to fit design and budget in one — and we continue that tradition today. We make the process to purchase a sunroom in the UK very easy!


Our patio enclosures and sunrooms have been tested around the world. Tested in the most accurate laboratories. In real life.

Given that our patio enclosures and sunrooms were originally developed in Finland, you can trust their performance in harsh weather conditions. Indeed, our patio enclosures have been trusted by customers in Scandinavia for decades. As you know, the UK has its own share of heat, cold, rain and wind, even snow sometimes. You can be sure that our patio and porch enclosures and sunrooms can stand up to the weather.


Today, Lumon remains on the cutting edge of research and development. Our patio enclosures continue to pass a wide variety of tests.

Our patio enclosures and sunrooms are fully recyclable

Sustainable development is a key value at Lumon. The glass and aluminum we use in our products are fully recyclable and production material remnants are recycled into new products as well.


Is a Lumon balcony glass or sunroom a four-season room?

No. Lumon balcony glass are better understood as three-season rooms rather than four-season balcony glass. Unlike a four-season sunroom, which is typically just a regular insulated room with standard double-paned windows, our balcony glass can slide open and retract fully for maximum flexibility.

A Lumon balcony glass is not intended to be a thermal space like indoor rooms but rather a protected outdoor space that enhances the comfort and usability of your sunroom or patio while maintaining that essential outdoor flavour.

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Lumon staff were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and great to work with. From the get-go, Lumon took the time needed to understand our vision. Lumon took our vision and executed it amazingly. We are so happy with our project. If we had any concerns or questions along the way, staff responded promptly and sought resolutions respectfully, addressing our needs right away.

The "wow factor" is there, and our neighbours have taken note. Thank you, Lumon! Trust, security, and design were key elements in who we were looking to hire, and you certainly delivered.

— Dan and Sam C. from Langley, BC