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Glass Verandas in Inverness | Enjoy Outdoor Living in Style

Are you looking for a way to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space while staying protected from the elements? Glass verandas pose a stunning addition to your Inverness property, combining comfort and style to enhance your outdoor living space.

Bring the outdoors inside with a stunning two-, three-, or four-wall glass veranda complete with a weather-sealed, powder-coated aluminium frame to protect you from Inverness’s plentiful rain storms. Your outdoor patio will become a cosy outdoor retreat your family can enjoy year-round.

About Inverness

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is a city where the harmonious blend of natural beauty and community spirit truly shines. Here, residents take immense pride in preserving the city’s unique character and harmonising their surroundings with the stunning Highland scenery.

In the face of the Highlands’ ever-changing weather, Lumon emerges as a game-changer, ensuring that enjoying the outdoors in Inverness is a seamless and joyful experience. Their remarkable collection of patio verandas, patio canopies, and glass rooms provides the ideal solution to maximise the potential of your garden space. Whether it’s a sunny day or a typical Highland drizzle, Lumon empowers Inverness’s residents to relish their outdoor sanctuaries, transcending the weather’s whims and turning each moment into a cherished memory in this enchanting Scottish city, situated as the gateway to the majestic Scottish Highlands.

Benefits of a Glass Veranda for Your Outdoor Living Space

Glass verandas are functional, attractive outdoor features that pose many benefits for your Inverness property:

  • Natural light: Unlike opaque canopies, glass rooms allow natural sunlight to brighten your living space, while optional canopies can provide shade when desired.
  • Protection from the elements: Relax in a hot tub or outdoor pool with shade from the sun, enjoy time with friends, or read a book outside in the rain or snow while remaining cosy and dry.
  • Increased property value: A glass veranda adds a contemporary style to your Inverness property while expanding your living space, increasing your property value when you decide to sell.
  • Versatile use: Your glass room can be a comfortable sitting room, plant haven, covered patio, or outdoor space — whatever you desire. With numerous customisation options, glass rooms are suitable for small spaces and sprawling rooftop terraces.
Lumon Glass Room for Winters

Glass Room Customisation Options

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter veranda that doesn’t match your space. With Lumon, you can choose the design and finishing details.

First, choose your roof design. We offer transparent glass and shaded aluminium and canopy roofs depending on the amount of sunlight you prefer in your outdoor space. Louvred pergola designs can provide the best of both worlds, offering partial shade to keep you cool on Inverness’s hottest days.

Next, choose your material. Whether you want a completely transparent glass effect or prefer aluminium frames, we’ll work with you to build a low-maintenance glass room that checks all your boxes.

Finally, add the last touches to complete your space. Our range includes comfort options like:

  • Perimeter LED lighting to provide consistent light, no matter the time of day
  • String LED lights to add a cosy ambience during nighttime gatherings or rain showers
  • Heating options to keep your space toasty during Inverness’s brisk winters

Simply move in your patio furniture and accessories to make the space your own.

Let your imagination fly, and start planning your glass veranda here.

Buying a Glass Veranda in Inverness? – This is how it works.

Buying a Lumon glass canopy is hassle-free and easy. The easiest way to make your terrace dream come true is to contact a Lumon expert who knows the inside-out glazing product. If necessary, you can also ask them about foundation work and other issues related to the construction of the terrace.

Learn more about how to buy a Lumon glass veranda.

Installation Process

Our Lumon technicians make the glass veranda inspiration process a breeze. Your new glass extension will require no planning permission as long as your home has permitted development rights, allowing us to get started right away.

We’ll begin by building the frame, whether you prefer an enclosed patio area or a simple patio awning. Then, we’ll place the glass panels and secure them for long-term durability in your outdoor space. We’ll add LED lighting and any other features you want, and your veranda is done!

Whatever the weather, your glass room will provide shelter, ambience, and comfortable outdoor living. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about building premium glass verandas in Inverness with Lumon.

Get Started With A Free Quote For Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

When you commit to Lumon’s services, we commit to you — we guarantee professional, friendly service from start to finish. 

  • The process begins with a consultation when you share your vision with us. We create a plan to make your patio dreams come true while offering a cost estimate according to the specifications of your project.
  • Next, we go over your design in more detail and customise your product to your size, material, and aesthetic preferences. 
  • Once we finalise the materials and design, it’s time for the installation team to start bringing your dream garden room to life!

But we don’t stop there. Lumon offers after-installation support to ensure you’re happy with our product. Experience the joy of a perfect new space that complements your home and lifestyle. Contact Lumon today for a free quote or some expert advice.

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At Lumon, we make adding outdoor spaces to your property easy. We offer competitive pricing, completely customisable designs, and efficient installation.

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