What is Balcony Glass?

The balcony. The best place at home.
With a Lumon balcony glass system even more so.

Discover all the possibilities and benefits of a Lumon balcony glass system and convert that unused space into your favourite place at home.

The weather in the UK is well known as very harsh and difficult to deal with. This leads to a very limited amount of time to spend on the balcony. Often, as soon as the weather turns windy, rainy or cold, balconies become unusable. This is a constant problem we've detected and it's a problem that we are determined to fix!

Lumon balcony glass winter

The Lumon balcony glass system allows us to enjoy that extra bit of space we always need around the home. It will provide a whole new range of possibilities, regardless of the weather – or the time of year and without the need to alter the balcony’s essential function.

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Lumon glassImagine...

A sunny breakfast enjoyed all year round.
A calming cup of tea cuddled up in your favourite armchair watching the rain pour down. 
A romantic candle-lit dinner on a chilly autumn evening. 
A few miles on your exercise bike sheltered from the wind.
Being lazy on the sofa, legs crossed, talking about everything and nothing…

A comfortable and functional space for relaxation and enjoyment, either alone or in company. A place to unwind and seek inspiration. With our balcony glass system, your pets will also enjoy the comfort and security of a protected space with total freedom and tranquillity for them, and for you.

These are just a few of the infinite possibilities a space like this with Lumon balcony glass can offer.


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We cannot do magic giving you a bigger balcony, but we help you take full advantage of the space you have and make it smarter. A lot smarter.

Once we understand this, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the balcony glass, the balcony becomes a new opportunity, and its potential is only limited by the boundaries of our imagination and our desire to explore new everyday opportunities.

Did you know?
You can always choose to have your balcony closed, protected and safe, but with natural lighting, or slide and fold the glass panels on one side, and feel the fresh air with the total opening of your balcony, integrated into the environment.


Lumon Balcony glass open

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Unlike typical frameless or framed glass sliding doors, our frameless retractable balcony glass opens fully and folds tidily against an interior wall. Because they fold to the inside, our glass panes are easy to use and maintain. They can also be secured to prevent them from moving with the wind.



While glass may suggest something delicate, the Lumon balcony glass is designed and tested to stand up to strong winds and harsh conditions—while still looking sleek and elegant.

Our products are designed, engineered and tested in Finland and because of this, will be well suited for the weather in the UK as well! We have enclosed countless balconies all across Europe.

Lumon balcony glass strong

Types of balcony glass

Although we can customize our Lumon balcony glass system for almost any use, the most common applications are railing-to-roof balcony glass and full height floor-to-roof balcony glass.

Lumon balcony glazing mid heightRailing-to-roof balcony glass is designed to work with existing balcony rails, extending from the top of the railing to the ceiling.


All options for balcony glass are beautiful and our design consultants will use their expertise to provide guidance as to which system would best suit your needs and your project!



Lumon balcony glass fullFloor-to-roof balcony glass sits inside the balcony railing, providing another simple and elegant solution.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll love the refined and minimalist look of our balcony glass. You’ll be amazed at how light it feels and how easily it opens and closes—all while having the strength to withstand winds of 300 km an hour!



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I am so pleased to have control of the wether on my balcony. The tempered glass has reduced the highway noise and I can now leave my balcony sliding doors open. No more wind, dust, rain, snow or grime. I would definitely recommend the Lumon window enclosures for anyone who wants to make better use of their outdoor space.


— Diane B. from Toronto, ON

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