Wintergarden solutions for professionals


Whether you are developing, designing or building a new residential project or renovating an existing one, Lumon balcony glazing and balcony balustrade products are a great tool in creating wintergardens, useable outdoor space and increased property value in a professional way.

Here are just some of the reasons why architects, property developers, and building companies our glass balcony railings, patio enclosures and facades: 

  • Lumon systems have been installed in hundreds of thousands of properties around Europe, United Kingdom and North America.
  • Experience and knowledge of local requirements and regulations.
  • We guarantee that our best expertise is at your service.
  • Carefully designed product range with highest quality materials backed by extensive testing.
  • Great benefits achieved in noise reduction, energy savings and protection of balcony structures.
  • Order and delivery process of prefabricated Lumon products is designed to ensure simple and fluent site operations. 

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The Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid, which is mainly intended for housing purposes, is close to the centre of Antwerpen and will incorporate Lumon's retractable balcony enclosures into the building. The area is the most significant urban development expansion project in Belgium. The following video will talk about this project as well as the benefits that Lumon will bring to this building.

Wintergardens: An advanced architectural solution for modern developments

Lumon glass products are durable and lightweight, creating elegant facades with clean lines and minimalist design. Our balcony glazing and balustrade systems have been thoroughly tested in laboratories as well as in hundreds of thousands of applications around the world.

Architect Pete Lattunen describes the unique architectural solution our balcony glass provides:

Balcony facade solutions for both new building and renovation

Lumon balcony facade solutions are suitable for both new build and renovation projects. Lumon's balcony glazing and railings form a modern and impressive balcony facade, which sets the direction for European architecture. Glass and aluminum are durable, yet lightweight, allowing you to create crisp, stylish, unobstructed entities. This allows for impressive and contemporary balcony facades that meet future building requirements. 

With Lumon balcony façade you just don’t only create better homes but also more interesting architectural design, new kind of urban environment with an essential element of modern living as part of, the wintergardens.

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