How to use and maintain?

Imagine being able to open your balcony or terrace completely and get nature closer to you. Imagine enjoying the nice weather at home. Opening the Lumon glass curtain system is as easy as opening a car door! Open the first glass panel, begin to slide each of the panels you want to open until they are all folded to one side against the wall. If necessary, you can block them to prevent movement. If opening our glass curtains is that easy, imagine the maintenance.

Lumon glass curtains are easy to use, easy to open, easy to maintain and easy to enjoy.

Open…closed, open…closed. Lumon is made for use.

You can either open and fold all glass panels or leave some in place for partial windbreak or ventilation.
A key lock is available as an option to provide additional safety for children and pets.

In this video, you can see how easy it is to open and close your Lumon

How to clean the glass curtains?

Cleaning Lumon glass curtains is very easy and secure. Our retractable glass curtains fold inwards one by one, placing the glass panels within easy reach for cleaning. All the glass panel, both the inside of them as the outside are always cleaned from the inside the balcony or terrace. 

See how easy and secure it is to clean a Lumon.

Open all the glass panels.
Clean the outside face of the top panel.
Fold and slide the panels one by one into the profile.
Clean the inside faces.

Clean the aluminium parts with a damp cloth, with typical household products.
Lubricate the plastic parts, wheels and profiles once or twice a year with silicone spray.
With the glass panels folded inwards, you can clean the outside faces. It's incredibly easy, you do not need to hang on the outside or keep your balance, or of course, lift any panels, because you do it comfortably and simply from inside.

  • To clean, simply apply any cleaning product that’s safe for use on glass. (Harsh or gritty cleaners may scratch the glass surface).
  • Aluminium components can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild solution. Lubricate the plastic parts, wheels and profiles once or twice a year with silicone spray.
  • The tracks and profiles should be vacuumed occasionally to keep the glass curtains sliding smoothly. For more information about glass curtain use or maintenance 
  • If it feels complicated contact us we are here for you.

How to maintain your glass curtains?

Lumon is made of the best materials, Glass, aluminium and high-quality fixings. No rusty pieces. The maintenance of Lumon glass curtains is very simple:

  • Some cleaning when you feel for it
  • Clean and vacuum the profiles
  • Lubricate the hinges and profiles once or twice a year with silicone spray (depending on the external factors like sand, dust, etc)

Wait? Silicone spray? Where can you find it?
We have it: get in touch with us if you need some.

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Furnishing your new balcony or terrace

Temperatures and humidity on your balcony or terrace will vary with the season and time of day because it’s not a thermally sealed space. (Small gaps in the profiles allow for ventilation to prevent moisture problems.) Therefore, we recommend using outdoor furniture or furniture that has been protected with a moisture-proofing solution. 

Find out how our customers have furnished their balconies and terraces in our gallery

What about gardening on my balcony or terrace?

Our glass curtains are a great way to extend the growing season for flowers, shrubs or vegetable gardens! Many of our customers create entire gardens on their balconies that they can enjoy over many months of the year.

Gardening on the balcony

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